Filip Miucin, of former IGN infamy, Returns to YouTube: Here’s Some Advice

Smash Ultimate Switch Bundle Giveaway: Filip Miucin has returned …


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  1. He made a mistake, I honestly don't care anymore, that's months ago. Old news. There's bigger problems in the world. His editing is still sick so I'm gonna watch him. Plus the product he was advertising was pretty cool. If he does it again, yeah I'll agree with everyone else but whatever

  2. My mother used to tell me to never trust a snake, first they snap at you then they strangle you in your sleep, best not to visit the amazon forest… or Filip's house, for that matter.

  3. His apology was bare bones and didn't identify the specific people and groups he lied too. As much some people wish to give him a second chance, it appears that he hasn't shown enough remorse or none at all. I do not trust him.

  4. I hoped Filip would find his feet again. He did a lot of shitty stuff, but he lost friends, he lost his job, he lost his income and he will probably never earn money as a content producer ever again. He has been punished, thoroughly. He's also kinda cute.

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