How Manipulated are the Crypto Exchanges? 100%!! (Bix Weir)

The regulators will come to the crypto markets AFTER maximum pain is felt by the little guys. That’s how these regulators (aka criminal facilitators) work!


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  1. For reassurance to HODL and the Roota path, watch the Keiser Report’s interview with Trace Mayer. “HODL’ers of last resort… are like a Glacier… effortlessly pushed out of the way by the HODL’ers” – 17:05, Keiser Report: China’s Tiny Chip? Or anti-China Plan? (E1294). Listen to Bix and keep your cryptocurrencies in your possession.

  2. Look at Binance vs Tether on BTC and the fiat vs BTC on Coinbase and look at the order tells a story. Go to my channel and see for yourself. CFTC is only on of the 4 organization's after manipulation.

  3. Bix, you're right! There are videos on YT that explain how to move crytos to a paper wallet you create. Really not that hard. But I've been buying LTC on CoinBase, and it takes up to 12 days to settle! I've been moving coins practically one at a time!! CoinBase Pro takes 3-5 business days to transfer USD, so, I'm waiting either way. I'm dollar cost averaging, so I don't have a bunch of cash to transfer…

  4. Great vid Bix. I do believe the regulators are part of the main manipulators. Just look at the CFTC and what they have failed to do. also believe the reason for the manipulation is to keep the USD alive. If manipulation is stopped and the true price of metals (and cryptos?) comes to fruition, the true price of the USD will be realized, which is near zero now. The question is not "how high will silver and BTC go?" it's "how low will the dollar go?"The answer is infinite. I like Ron Pauls idea of no regulation in the markets. Let the free market play through. Its all about personal responsibility on what we decide to invest in. Great video of Ron Pauls thoughts on crypto regulations here:

  5. Love your videos. Suggestion — why not scroll up so the damn ad isn't blinking and distracting from what you're saying. Better yet, why not get an adblocker? IPod has them, don't know about Macs, but surely there is one. I didn't come to the planet to watch commercials & ads — did you?

  6. Mining problem with 5x the concentration of bitcoin mining in China?
    F##k the fork and adopt a faster means of exchange with 5 different mining options that make concentration inherently difficult; go DGB.

  7. A long time ago I criticized something you said. I have learned better since then. I apologize and am indebted to you! I watch every video, signed up for emails, soon I’m hoping to become a member!

  8. Hey Bix. Great stuff as usual. The free market will solve the problem but it will take time. Regulation will not work nor should it in traditional ways. A complete waste of time. This is a new ballgame and requires new solutions. It will not be solved by regulations, regulators. They are part of the problem. There is a solution. We should talk. Maybe in OK.

  9. This manipulation sucks. Remember a year ago when many of us were proud to be in cryptos because we thought we were going to get away from the banksters, government regulation, and control?

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  11. I thought the whole point of getting into cryptos was to get away from the banking system and the manipulation !!!!!!!!! Just buy silver and put it in you hand, then your safe/vault!

  12. It has crossed my mind and I have to ask myself the question:
    "Have the same entities who Murdered the Silver Market in May 2011 taken over the Crypto Market" ?

  13. DUDE stop telling people the gov't will be getting into cryptos!!!! you couldn't be more WRONG!!!! They will go back to gold/silver again so stop fantasizing about some crypto fools gold money dude. Besides they already have a digitized currency!!!! its the USD!!!!!!!! Grow a brain fool and go buy some gold/silver!!

  14. Bix, or anyone, what happens when an exchange sells to an OTC company, is that sale registered on coin market cap? Also are any of the sales in OTC market registered on coin market cap? If not then this means we are not looking at true price value right?

  15. Have a heck of a lot of respect for CZ..hope he plays it right, can't talk of the other exchanges ..but come to think of it we are fools to think the regulated space would look out for us..many decades of manipulation should have taught us this , but we are the baah baah we make some gains and live life out , sorry for the peeps who fall for the crypto FUD now

  16. We didn't want regulation, but with the level of manipulation we need it coz this space is going to be huge..I am a sheep but one who understands this is an opportunity of a lifetime..if by sheeple bros and sis don't get it , they do it on their own peril

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