LG G3 review

With a QHD screen and numerous improvements over last year’s G2, has LG created the ultimate smartphone? Subscribe to TechRadar: http://goo.gl/8dpt6 …


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  1. Not sure what they using it for, all I use my phone for is calls and texts with some youtube and web searches (maybe some simple picture taking) and thats it and I love this phone! When I looked it up on "phone arena" which is a website that compares phones, I compared the G3 to the HTC One and the Galaxy S5 and it had better rating from the website and the users of the site then both of them. I also asked the guy who was selling me the phone which was better, the S5 or G3 (I dont normally trust salesmen but the phones are the same cost so I felt like I could trust his opinion alittle more) and he said G3 also. No Regrets.

  2. If you're watching this review on your brand new lg g3 you will probably find it weird, funny, strange and/or poor. Why is this? Because we all want to hear that we got the best smartphone on the planet and don't enjoy listening to any criticism on our investment.

  3. my LG G3 gets abnormally hot compared to others, the other day it had been powered off all night and i turned it on and within minutes it was hot. my brothers or the ones on display at the stores dont have this problem. is mine defective or something?

  4. "That said, there are better ways of doing this, as you can easily have a slot for a microSD card without needing to remove the back."  Hello? You may only need to remove the back ONCE for a 64/128 GB SD card installation for the life of the phone. It's so great LG considered this. With your logic we may as well just put the rest of the side buttons on so we can miss hit the buttons like all of the other phones and then and ruin the whole idea of this unique device's design. Knock code is a beautiful thing.

  5. Not sure why all the hate for this review. Very balanced IMO – giving positives but also mentioning the negatives as you'd expect from an impatrial review. Thanks Techradar!

  6. Very odd review, an almost 180 opinion on every other review I've seen. Anything remotely positive appeared to be prefixed with a negative comment.

  7. When a reviewer puts "lightweight" chassis as a negative for a large phone, You lose alot of credibility. 
    It's well worth debloating this phone to make it near perfect for 2014

  8. I think the g3, is the way to go I haven't heard any complaints thus far, so it will be my device to go with, and what Ive been hearing it's been receiving 5 star reviews, and until I see other manufacturers come out with ois on there cameras, then I'm sticking with lg

  9. Ummmm, the majority of this review points out negatives, yet the summary says that it's great and gives it 4.5 stars. The start says battery life isn't very good because of the QHD screen, while the summary says that it has solid battery life. What a weird review overall #confused

  10. I've used all the flagship phones this year and the LG g3 is the best I've used so far and the battery life is probably one of the best even with it's qhd screen and is also one of the most customizable phones of 2014 …odd review

  11. The down points from the G2 are poor speaker, poor front camera, no microSD slot, un-swapable battery and poor plastic build on the back,
    This G3 has pretty much covered almost to be the perfect phone, though.

  12. I've said it before and I'll say it again, TechRadar is the most unbiased tech site I've ever come across. They are real journalists and I highly respect their opinions. On topic though, it's interesting to see that while given a very high score, the G3 didn't impress TechRadar as much as I thought, while John over at Technobuffalo said it was the best smartphone ever made. Overall though, I'm pretty sure it's safe to say the G3 is an excellent device. 🙂

  13. Strange review…  The battery's rubbish… but stick with the video and by the end it's great and just what you need in a smartphone.  And what's with the hate for the removable back?  Unibody phones are so restrictive.  I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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