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What has bitcoin rally on Monday lead to, and whom to blame for it? The crypto community assumes that Tether is the main culprit. The stablecoin became an outcast, lost the money of the investors and got ignored by Bitpay and Binance . What’s more, OKEX crypto exchange is adding other stablecoins but not USDT – it has fallen out of favor. Some media even mentioned that Binance is going to delist Tether. But this is Fake News, as Donald Trump would say.

But how do you think, is Tether really responsible for it? Write in the comments.

“Bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver claims that FBI is surveilling each and every client of cryptocurrency exchanges. And Russian government fined the church for mining BTC . Who would have ever guessed that nuns could mine bitcoin !

After the case with Petro in Venezuela, should we hope that national cryptocurrencies can save the economics? Our crypto Jedis met Fernando M. Furlan, President of the Brazilian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, at Xblockchain in Bali and asked to share his viewpoint.

In Bali CryptoJedis had a chance to talk with the representative of Pundi X Gerhard Drobits about blockchain revolution and new generation of POS. The representative of Bit-Z crypto exchange , which is in the list of top 10 largest trading platforms in terms of daily trading volume, also communicated with them. Watch the episode and get the insights!

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