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IGN has been reviewing Call of Duty games since way back in 2003, when the first duty called. Curious about which one scored the highest? Call of Duty: Black …


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  1. Let’s just admit it now, Black Ops 4 is the best. Only legitimate argument you can make to say it’s bad is it’s lack for campaign, but aside from that it’s amazing even with a score of 8.4.

  2. This is how IGN follows the trend, Infinite Warfare deserves a higher score than 7.7 notice the games like Black Ops 1 got 8.5 Treyarch wasn't the favored developer then but Modern Warfare 3 got a 9.0

  3. How did Modern Warfare 3 get a higher score than Black Ops (the original) clearly a more evolved Campaign, 2 Zombie maps with Dead Ops Arcade, awesome content, some of the best maps and weapons in Multiplayer

  4. Modern Warfare 2 was the epitome of Call of Duty! The world rumbled more than hiroshima when that dropped! Too bad the modders/noobtubers took over the fun towards the mid-end of MW2’s run sooo…FOR THE REMASTERED VERSION, DECREASE COMMANDO’S RANGE AND ELIMINATE UNLIMITED OMA GRENADE LAUNCHER AMMO! THAT’S IT AND IT’LL BE PERFECT! though play-to-win mechanisms may be inevitable?..
    1. MW2
    2. BO1
    3. COD4/W@W

  5. MW – WaW – MW2 was the greatest streak Cod has ever had and I don’t think any release afterwards has really surpassed them, BO had a great campaign (probably beat in the series) but it lacked in other areas.

    Also where is the love for WaW? So many people seem to forget this one ?

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