The $400 4K Virtual Reality PC Headset

The $400 4K Virtual Reality PC Headset Gearbest Discount Code LHPIMAX Subscribe! Check out the …


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  1. What happens when you plug a standard HDMI signal into them? Meaning no computer to run special software. Why a Blu-ray player or old game console. What does that look like?

  2. The vive and rift are pretty much the same when it comes to experience. For large rooms, go with the vive. for small playing areas the rift. It took me sometime to find my perfect headset placement and supersampling setup. But having a over the top computer doesn't hurt either. With my sampling up to around 1.8 and using the new Dash interface. All is good in VR land. I'm excided about the new tech coming out that will help make this a better experience and all the different companies offering devices helps that big time..

  3. I had HTC Vive, sold it on craigslist. VR currently is complete piece of annoying trash. When they make it wireless and deal with screendoor effect, it might be worth having. Now both HTC and Oculus are just pieces of garbage.

  4. so it's a 2k vr headset.

    it doesn't work that way. it's not a 4k headset because it has 2 2k screens in it.
    that's bullshit. and a marketing scam. pimax should be boycotted for it. people who buy it should get burned on the stake for allowing such a scam.
    fucking sick of this society. someone should start the nuclear holocaust

  5. This guy thinks connecting a HEADSTRAP is BUILDING? You Damn Worthless Imbecile Moron! Companies like us creating complex multi-layered worlds for the things, THAT is BUILDING! I am SO Sick of sharing the planet with banal idiots. Dammit. "A KIT". Good fucking Christ…

  6. Does the pimax look better than the other headsets?(htv and oculus)
    It is advertised as double the resolution of htc and oculus, but is it?
    why does no review talk about the resolution and how this display works.

  7. I have to disagree man them screens are krisp iv tried the viv and ocs and for real man the deep darks and smooth coloring is nice I have to say pimax looks amazing

  8. Have now seen alot of videos where they praise this headset. Conclusion is that they all have to be sponsored. THE HEADSET IS CRAP. THE SOFTWARE IS CRAP. The product is totally useless. I have the Vive, but bought this for watching movies, because of the screendoor effect. It has less screendoor effect, but you cant move your head if you don't want the picture to be totally blurry. Don't waste your money on this crap..
    Vis mindre

  9. My question is this, I'm thinking between oculus rift CV1 and this 4K one. Now can I play all the games with the pimax 4K that are made of the oculus rift?

  10. So, you're saying that even though the pimax has higher resolution displays the image quality of the vive and rift is better ?

    I'm not interested in room positioning and all that useless crap, I would like to know if the pimax has better higher resolution quality, I'm planning to use a VR headset for sitting down style gaming.

  11. I have both the vive and the rift. I like the rift better. The controllers are awesome, and the exclusives are amazing. The cross platform games like Raw Data and Arizona Sunshine also seem to play and look better on the rift. Both the rift and vive are great headsets though. I am now waiting for the 180 FOV headsets to come out like Starbreeze VR. 110 FOV makes you feel like you have swimming goggles on. Future is going to be amazing though!

  12. Can you discuss the differences between the Vive and the Pimax other than just saying Vive is better/looks better? In what way is vive better?

  13. HTC vive Bias.. This is clearly superior in image quality, you are making people confused.. stuff like 90hz/120hz are for monitors that turn that 120hz into 60hz when it goes into the 3d vision glasses… VR does not need to do that, so the
    panels can be 60hz each. 90hz are just a bonus, not required .

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