Tone Vays vs CZ? Top Performing AltCoin of late 2018. Crypto News Today

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Tone Vays and CZ of Binance go at it on Twitter. We all know about Tone Vays’ infamous Bitcoin short trade by now as crypto Twitter roasts him.

Plus what is the top altcoin of 2018 Q3? I also weigh in on the ongoing Tether controversy and the difference between the Bitcoin price on Bitfinex vs the real Bitcoin price.

I also get into Ravencoin and do some technical analysis on Ravencoin price.

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  1. tone vays has not added any value to the cryptospace, he is a speculator that got onboard and found the opportunity to sell his so called "expertise" on TA, I am pretty sure he was just as useless back in wallstreet before he jumped into crypto

  2. You moonboys won't be laughing when we break the $5700 support and crash to $4500 or lower. It's coming, it's just a matter of time. We're close to the bottom, but definitely not at the bottom of this market yet.

  3. I Unsubscribed from tone guy, I can't figure one thing he says came true.. aside from that, he seeks attention more than anything, it is visible daily.

  4. TV's timing may be hilarious but what's incredulous to me is sentiment behind his mockers. Vays shorted Bitcoin for a two reasons. First; because he's risking money on a planned pro-Bitcoin Las Vegas based conference which he reckoned he ought to hedge against, while second; because his weekly sequential trading system highlighted the trade as the safest so far this year, if it followed as it should for another 24 hrs. But because he was travelling he placed the bet early, before his system verified it, then flew off to Thailand. In the meantime the Tether run happened, his system told him not to trade, and the rest, as they say, is history. Vays will still most likely win his bet because he's very tuned market anyway, and all his haters, those who you say 'rightly roasted him' will much to their chagrin have to applaud the outcome. Unreasonable bulls having to swallow their words will give him much pleasure I'm sure.

  5. He didn't come close to liquidation, highest price on Bitmex was 6818 USD his liquidation price is 7649 USD. entry price is 6158. Quick maths margin balance of 56% left to go at the highest point.

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