Top 10 Luxury Vans with Business Jet Interiors for Working on the Go

We are used to the idea that vans are just a convenient way of passenger or cargo transportation. But some people actually find them to be irreplaceable for interstate travel with comfort, day to day work on the go or overnight camping with necessary amenities.

In today’s episode we will be exploring the most luxurious models of offices on wheels and coach lounges, that can let you stay productive during your daily commutes, will allow you to pace vacations on your own and enjoy the levels of luxury that could be found only on board of private jets!

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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter SVD1010 VIP by TRIMO:

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter SVD1010 VIP is a business vehicle conversion designed by the Turkish company Trimo.

VW T6 Business by KLASSEN:

This business jet-on-wheels by German company Klassen takes luxury to the next level. While based on a VW Transporter T6, its insides are completely redesigned into a first-class cabin finished with high-quality wood and leather.

Interstate Lounge EXT:

Airstream is one of the oldest US based companies that produce luxury coaches, RVs and trailers. Their Interstate Lounge EXT is ideal for weekend long trips and work on the road.

Inkas Armored Sprinter Van:

Inkas specializes in modifications of Mercedes Sprinter vans and G-Class SUVs which are equipped to be mobile working stations and get armor to protect occupants from unexpected events.

Becker Automotive Design Mercedes Sprinter JetVan:

Becker Automotive Design has existd since 1996 and they are world known for delivering high quality armored vehicles, among which is a Sprinter Jet Van that can serve as an ideal office on wheels.

Ertex VIP Vans:

Ertex VIP Vans are luxury automobiles based on VW and Mercedes-Benz van models that are built to serve as practical and comfortable mobile offices. The conversions are customizable and are offered in 4 levels of comfort, accommodating from 4 to 9 passengers.

VanJoy Design Reisemobil Konzept by Studio Michael Hilgers:

VanJoy Camper Concept based on a regular Fiat-Ducato van offers a multifunctional part-time living and office space for city dwellers.

Senzati Jet Class:

Senzati Jet Class is one of UK-based brand’s most famous vehicle conversions based on the Mercedes-Benz V Class and Sprinter. The series is available three trim levels and several floor plans.

Lexani Motorcars EXTV:

Lexani is known for creating the most opulent interiors in the automotive history that dominate the executive luxury segment. However, what if additional comfort is not only needed on the road, but on an off-road adventure. We present to you the EXTV 4X4 Sprinter van.

Pinnacle Finetza and Opisia:

The Indian company Pinnacle Speciality Vehicles is a leader in Indian market, specializing in modification and conversion of vehicles for commercial and personal use. PSV bases their modifications on the Traveler commercial van line from the Force Motors with 158-inch wheelbase.


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