Unboxing Soulcalibur VI’s Collector’s Edition

The $150 version of Bandai Namco’s fighting game packs in a statue, talking metal case, and more! Soulcalibur VI Review: …


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  1. Just trying to post this where people can see it. Got my deluxe edition today and where I find the gimmick of the talking steelbook really cool, it is poorly designed. Mine is defective and plays nothing immediately upon opening. Why? The button to activate the sound is on the very front of the case and is constantly pressed in the mailer it was shipped in, the box it is packaged in, and probably would do the same on a tight shelf and not displayed. I see no way to change the batteries or check the damage without prying the gorgeous steelbook case apart (I believe the sound box is glued shut.) I just wanna play the game and don't really care to send it back but as a collector and SC lover, it is disappointing.

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