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  1. I just finished it and i hope a 3th one is in the make, i realy enjoyed it. It felt like a mix between gta v and hackers the movie.. . I know people were dissapointed with the first one , and sells in the first period of the 2nd were low because of it. But those who played and reviewed this one were happy with the result. And so am i

  2. While I can respect the gameplay improvements, I do feel that it is worth mentioning it’s biggest flaw: optimization. More specifically, optimization on the pc. As is the case with many Ubisoft games, there are noticeable and significant dips in performance throughout the game. Still, though, if you’re willing to turn down the settings (a LOT) then it’s still a fun experience

  3. this is a crap game!!!! so many fagot charactera and marcus shoudnt be here in watch dogs he should be in gta5 character..the first watchdogs is better awesome game play and excellent story

  4. Hacking, graphics and vehicle's are vastly improved. The supporting characters are boring and dull. Story is not as gripping and emotional as the first game and the main villain of the story was bland.

    Step down from the first game imo
    Grade: B-

  5. I think they nailed it on the head by stating the action aspects does not suit the character. that's what stopped me from getting hooked. it felt like Mr robot had gotten hold of a psychopathic mentality and a belt fed machine gun. you just cant ever see it happening, and i felt because of that it lost of of its major selling points that the grittiness of the first instalment delivered on so well. I found the content boring and I couldn't finish it personally

  6. I don't think Watch Dogs 2 did well enough for 8.5!
    The AI is silly as crap.
    Graphics isn't that good.
    And the engine isn't as good as I expected it to be as well.
    But the Level Design did an amazing job.
    Ubisoft is the problem…
    Ubisoft is a huge company and they could do such amazing things but they seem to be a bit lazy.

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