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  1. Zombie mode like Call of Duty but you must build defences. Horse racing. Treasure hunting. Hunting. Poker/Blackjack. Heists. Law Vs outlaws(cops Vs robbers) bounty hunting. The possibilities are pretty endless for online content, hope they don't leave single player out like they did with GTA V, they pretty much left it to stagnate, RDR2 needs some single player DLC.

  2. I'm a big fan of online games, i played a lot of GTA Online, I am also really excited to play Red Dead 2 single player, However the Online really has me worried. It could be my new favourite thing to play but i'm really worried there is not going to be a lot to do and it will get boring quickly

  3. I’d like to see the best BR “ GAME MODE “ done by rockstar with red dead redemption! It’s the best theme for the type of mode. And you don’t have to fly in. Should pick a spawn with horses and ride into the map ??? with already having guns that would be deeeeeecent.

    Fight to be the last outlaw gunslinger alive! ????

  4. I just wanna be able to run my own ranch honestly. It could serve as a home and a source of income that offers the chance to not be a criminal. That choice is something I've wanted in the online portions of rockstar's games for quite awhile now.

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