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  1. Hey!

    Thanks for watching the first episode of The Switch List! Each episode will feature a different list of some of the best, most fun hidden gems on the Switch eShop. Which genres would you like to see me cover? Which games did I miss on today's list? Let me know in the comments! Thanks a ton for watching <3

    – Brian

  2. I actually really like a lot of the free to play games like Fortnite, Arena of Valor and Paladins.

    Other than that, it kinda depends on what is on sale. Maybe do one of these when a sale is going on and recommend the best deals?

    Hollow Knight is to me a game that should be like a 30 dollar game, but is only 15. So hey, buy that masterpiece.

  3. Awesome video Brian! Looking forward to the series as there is a lot to sort and figure out what to buy. Maybe do a video(s) based on genre such as action/action, puzzle, sports, etc for the top games in each genre? Keep up the great work!

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