Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 reviewed by Caley Roark on PlayStation 4. Also available on PC and Xbox One. The First 15 Minutes of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 …


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  1. I really like this game…. Loading times let it down a lot though… Some people say the graphics aren't good? I see nothing wrong with them and I've definitely seen a lot worse… I prefer it to Far Cry 4… Far Cry 5 is great along with Far Cry 3 but I like this game a lot..
    Hope if they make a 4th version they sort the load times out… It's a horrendous load time going from one area to the next…. Actually puts you off wanting to enter a tunnel

  2. Hellooo i dont have wifi and i uninstalled the updates a while ago so i put the disc back in my ps4 and it installs 0.0 basegame just when it instals via game asset downloads it stays at 7% i cant play the game can anyone help?

  3. I have played
    Far cry 3
    Far cry 4
    Battlefield 2
    Battle field 4
    Battle field 1
    Counter strike go


    I bought the game during the spring sale.

    I am really amazed with the game
    They hit my spot for sure
    The color schemes are great
    Cheesey story line
    Still they got it right
    Grappling off of buildings
    Zooming in to snip
    I really like the sniping
    I played battlefield 4 and I hated the sniping. Couldn't get that down. This game hits it just right.

    So far absolutely worth it.
    I'd lay 80.00 for this game.

    They captured the detail just right.
    It's not as hollow as far cry 4

    I played tom clancys ghost recon.
    Now that game was depressing.
    Not a fan

    However in generally I dont like games like grand theft auto

    I like first person shooters
    This game already had me amazed.
    One hour into it and I cant put it down.

    I'm playing the campaign

    I dont know how multi player stacks up.

    I hope it isn't a let down on multiplayer like bf1.

    So in conclusion
    Campaigne is awesome so far.
    Good work.

  4. It‘s from City Interactive a long term trash game developer that is trying to become a serious triple A game developer with a bit more succes in each new game. But the thing that is always missing in their games is detail

  5. far cry maybe. but not sniper elite. that game is the same EVERY episode. ww2 boringness. well the first was ok but they need to move on. i like this one cuz it allows you to use up to date sniper gear.. unlike siper elite.. Thats "lack of innovation"

  6. I fully rate your review, one of the best and critically acclaiming, I definitely won’t be purchasing this game. Thank you for your in depth realization of the under achievable graphics and cartoon scenarios.

  7. Is ok fir kids who play cod or bf is trash because they can t hit more than 100m fkin stupod people shut the fk up

  8. IGN is a little bit harsh on the game. The sniping is quite enjoying and the open world is a vast improvement compared to the constant hand holding of SGW2. Besides some irritating bugs, the most negative aspects for me were the performance spikes and lack of responsive controls. If you like fps games a good price tag would be around 15-20 euros.

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