Virtual Reality Pictionary with Kate McKinnon and Patton Oswalt

Kate McKinnon and Jimmy team up and face off against Patton Oswalt and The Roots’ Tariq Trotter in a virtual reality version of Pictionary. Subscribe NOW to …


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  1. i like patton oswalt, even though he is an intolerant leftist, he seems like a good guy and he was brilliant in that movie with charlize theron

  2. I do not find Kate McKinnon funny at all. No it's not because she's female it's because she's not talented in the funny department. I think women like Tina fey and Amy Poehler are funny because they are actually talented

  3. Plese sitdown and let them to play they are not coming from 1990 year… They know how to use it .. I'm not an english man so thats why my english isnt good ..but please listen to my advise my friend

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