Are Our Smartphones Listening To Us? YOU NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH!

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  1. I googled a toy my daughter was interested in just to check the price, checked on the target link and then just closed the page. The next day I got an email from Target with the toy I had quickly checked out the previous night asking if I was still interested in the toy. Wth. We have ZERO privacy! I hate it!

  2. I'm glad I speak in my native language then. It wouldn't even matter if the listener is the same AI as in Google Talk because it can't even recognize my voice.

  3. Not true. I've sat in front of the camera, naked, fingering myself and screaming random product names at my phone. I only see adverts for fans and pillow cases. Just my 2 cents…

  4. I can't remove the Facebook app from my phone, I've tried – anyone know how to uninstall when on Google play, there's no way to uninstall?

  5. Good, I'm glad. Now when I'm driving and talking hands free, and someone cuts me off, I'll be louder and more forceful when I say, " you fuc** assho***!!"

  6. Yasss it is listening I was talking about cookies the first time I noticed my grocery store app went off talking about discount cookies

  7. The smartphone does listen in. Anytime you see 4G, its collecting data. Google maps is a tracker that can locate you within a 50-100 foot radius.

    Apps can also access pictures and video. There are encrypted smartphones that you can buy. Expensive, but absolutely worth it.

  8. Also i feel like for the most part they make it nessecary to allow them mic access to get the apps. So it ok theyre info gathering or not be allowed to use apps. With that being said i feel theres no real option to say yes or no. Instead its yes or u cant download. In fact why would any company need access to a persons personal pictures. Thats going to far. Also I have heard of law enforcement useing google maps to bust drug dealers or drug deals. So i dont think smart phones are our friends. If your are going to commit an illicid act you probably would'nt want a smart phone on you, ecspecialy with motion detectors showing your movements and so forth.

  9. Im possitive that they isten and watch thats why i cover my forward camera. I feel like thats why certain phones have unremovable batteries. I also think web sites like twitter & facebook and others are allowing the government to use these apps to gather your pictures and other information for facial recognition.

  10. Who gives a fuck….. if you arent doing anything wrong what different does it make… fill your boots you Jobsworth i wasnt aware i was so fucking interesting…. 😀

  11. All you say here is a fact. And – sadly enough – only a tiny fraction of the surveillance state. It’s another fact that the vast majority doesn’t care. In particular those who have been ore are growing up in this environment.

  12. I suspect that whoever is listening is tired of my court case which I say out loud. It is a fraud turned to murder case where some family I was related to now they are X out stole all the family money for 5 generations. They planned to just steal swindle identity fraud the money and get their criminal doctor friends to kill me. So they already acted like I was dead Ricco violations my assets and planned my murder every which way. So my phone has heard the contract crimes over 3 Strick's, the Frauds over 3 Strick's, the whole murder case. One hundred fifty in anticipation of murder of the case. And everything they do leading up to the case over three hundred fifty of those. And criminal intentions, lethal intentions, plus over one hundred motives. They must want to stop listening to my phone all court cased out. Nothing juicy on my phone.

  13. I don't care. They can keep on watching while I keep on living freely! No fear. Fear is what they want to put in you. Fear is the opposite of life, the opposite of love. Do anything with no guilt no fear no regret, even if the whole world is watching.

  14. You are right. I am psychic I can usually say anything and someone will think something I can hear. One day a young man with a skate board was next to me at a Kroger's easy check out. He pulled out his gun clicked it put it back in his pocket. Finished paying walked out. I didn't know if I should jump him. Keep in mind..I am an older women. So I said what he looked like and the skate board which exit he took. Etc. I mentally telepathically heard….did I hear a gun being cocked from a blond women. I can see people who talk also. So then they got the story what he looked like etc. About a 7 minute delay..

  15. Leave your phone on the kitchen table, start a conversation about needing to buy a new item, hour later I have idea's from Amazon popping up on advertising about the item I was talking about earlier

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