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  1. It might go up, it might go down. Own a bit just in case. Don't get excited. If it goes up, cool, sell it and make some money, if it goes down wait and it'll come back. Just stay cool.

  2. With "Institutional" money set to enter crypto in the next few weeks I'll tip bitcoin to go parabolic to the upside, these "Institutional money investors" are cleared now security wise.

  3. Tether and Bitfinex are massive scammers. I't's obvious that tether is not backed by real money and there's no telling how much market manipulation has happened/is happening. When tether crashes (not if, but when), it's going to be carnage.

  4. It’s so nice to hear your truly enjoying the move and the people. Good on you for taking the chance and travelling. Cheers from Down Under

  5. we broke the red line and where going further down until the tether fud came and saved the day, defo planned to try and keep us above water, we are 100% returning back to pre tether fud levels at least

  6. What else will they invent to sell their crappy bitcoins to hamsters as high as possible… Nobody can trust Bitcoin after February fall – just buy it, and 90% you lost your money. Shaved hamsters. Consolidation in downtrending triangle = huge sink in close future. BTC will be 1500$ this autumn-winter and it will still be overpriced… This scenario will result in final investors' interest loss and full market vanishing to sleep mode till next time or forever.

  7. Ecuador? Wtf?? You're right brother Steve people listen to the media and never experience outside their bubble. Ecuador is a long way from Louisiana

  8. The nature of man is NOT hate and war. That is brought in to the world by the puppet masters and the man behind the curtain is namely the same man the cryptos were designed to defeat. The House of Rothschild and the House of Rockefeller. With hate and war come profits to the military industrial complex that is owned and controlled by these greedy people.

  9. Hey Steve. Thank you, as always! I believe your openness and personal relatability are huge factors to your effectiveness. So I say, share of the important things that are going on with you. It is great to hear. Congratulations on the engagement and the big move!!! Dying to get to South America myself!
    I have recently moved my funds away from USDT/BTC trading on Binance and am now using Bitmex, tiny amounts and low to no leverage so far, to improve my knowledge and understandings. I wish I could afford your courses, but after heavy lessons learned, I have but a smidge of a bitcoin left. So I watch the videos you post, and study up on what I can. I will make this work, and I really appreciate your perspectives. Thank you.

  10. Why run away from America. South America is hardly safe. When the financial crisis comes… better in the old USA with a gun. When all said and done USA will be the first to come out of any civil unrest. Just stay out of the cities. Remember the blacks and Democrats that kill have IQs of around 70.

  11. To clarify this, I am near my 25 year anniversary, and will be living on my retirement fixed income. I do have a state retirement, and a 401k plan, that I saved. Both of these retirements do not allow me to cash out, unless I want to have a huge tax hit. So basically, I will be on a budget, with this fixed monthly income, and the classes are much more then a couple hundred bucks. What I meant by another career, is I am still young, and wish to continue working and doing something, I see fun, and exciting. I was asking about financial aid, and, or student loans, because if this was a ancredited program, it would be covered, under the federal education program, thus eligible for student funding. I should have been more clear on what I was asking. I didn't mean to cause so much drama. We have enough of this already, with this political climate. Thanks!

  12. Hey Steve, huge fan love your videos. Just finished watching this video with Youtube VR. Don't know if you've tried it before. Your videos on the VR are very intuitive and as a watcher, I can follow along with you better when going over the charts. Feels like I'm in a real classroom. Just wanted to let you know.
    Thank you for all your hard work. I wish nothing but success for you and congrats on your engagement!

  13. By the way. You didn’t talk about the bearish Stoch RSI divergence. It’s very important to mention it, since divergences play a very important role in price movements.

  14. I tried to explain this exact thing. This wick shows a HUGE rejection of the price. It means people see BTC really expensive. They don’t want to buy a single BTC at this price. This is all about psychology. It was a clear fakeout due to Tether FUD. A lot of people bought up there thinking it was breaking the triangle, what means there are people waiting for the price to go up and sell. What is happening now is that price is going down instead, and in order to avoid losing more money, they will sell. How would you feel if you had bought above 7000 dollars?Would you hold or sell to avoid losing more? Wait and see what will happen those days. I bet this massive selloff will make BTC break the triangle support. Also, it’s a descending triangle and wave E has just ended. Get ready for an awful dump.

  15. Lots of things I hear about cryptocurrencies. Some say that the elite, the banksters are going to do everything in their power to annyliate cryptocurrencies. If cryptocurrencies make it, this means that It's going to be the end for bankers, they will eventually lose control since cryptocurrencies are a non centralized currency.

  16. 700m taken out of circulation in an orderly manner. 2bil likely backed in btc. we can expect an exit scam if it goes below 6k for couple weeks or longer.

  17. Great video and insight. Moving cross culturally can be challenging at first but will get easier, ENJOY!!!! Also, do you think news positive or negative from the SEC will affect whether explosion goes up or down, how much do you feel outside factors affect the TA and trends!

  18. Although I agree with you on calling more downside this logarithmic scale doesn't make much sense to me. How can you expect BTC to recover that fast to fall down and immediately start a new rally, this is not how market cycles work. We had 3 years of a bull market from 2015 to 2018 so in that case bear market should last at least half of this period. 10 months are behind us, so let's say another 6-8 months to go.

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