Building Games For Virtual Reality Storytelling | Breaking Through | WIRED

Virtual Reality is the next frontier in entertainment, but it’s so new that the rules are still being written. No one knows the best way to develop, advertise, or create …


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  1. All I've seen here is people making 2D games into something they look at on a 3D surface in the VR Room.. This isn't good design, it's skimming the barrel. I don't even have the expensive ass shit they do and I'm making stuff that's better for VR…

  2. I am a strong writer wit the crzyest Imagination insane… like I'm writing the story of a scientist that discover the quantum world trying to bring Frankenstein alive they get stuck in the quantum physics of light which is living right outside of the human eyesight. which his only way out is to kill himself in his Dreams which everytime he go to sleep he wakes up in a different dimensions. ETC holla at me guys I got what YOU need for the next big gameing system… let's work together..

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