News I Missed – Bitcoin Is “For Criminals”, Ripple And Bill Gates & Exodus Crypto Smartphone

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  1. Now don't smash a persons block chain dreams TMI (boxer) . There are also many many many youtube channels that pay many people? Anything can always happen but thanks for the videos : )

  2. I think a debate with roubini would be a waste of time. I have seen him in crypto debates before. In general, he is just nasty. When he is backed into a corner, he really gets nasty. He doesnt give details as to why exactly cryptos wont work, he just says they wont work and you are stupid if you think it will. He simply just makes that same statement over and over using different words. He just interupts and gets louder if the other participant uses any kind of logic as a rebuttle.

  3. There roughly 2000 crypto coins. I would like to see a list of the 20 coins that roubini thinks are not scams and do have a legit reason to exist.

  4. The Dollar: Green and white paper that a bunch of criminals, idealists, politians and speculators agree has 'real' value. Sadly, the real value is constantly degraded, making it necessary for more and more of it to sucked away from the average idealist in order to support the others

  5. Quick! Someone mint an AARP Coin! And then license it to the AARP. Of course each purchased coin would come with its own printed note so it's like a secure paper wallet from a centralized authority that their members can feel comfortable trusting. j/k. Seriously, there's probably someone at AARP already tasked with something similar. It wouldn't surprise me.

  6. everyone is hodling at the moment and waiting for someone big to make first move…the someone big is scare to invest when someone controlling the 6800$ price so I feel like we are in kind of dead circle…hope someone step out soon!

  7. Bill Gates is the devil I've seen videos of him giving speeches on population manipulation how to control the population how to make it smaller how do you think they do that Wars disease cancers viruses they got all kinds of little tricks

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