Ripple Trading Engine Powered GSR Market, Virtual Reality World Game beachHead

BeachHeadCoin Beach Head is a virtual city powered by decentralised crypto-economics. An immersive multi-reality VR experience combining commerce, …


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  1. So using real world money/cryptos/blockchain technology/tokens/digital assets in a video game. I can see how this could be appealing to the gaming community, for the time they spend playing games they can actually earn "real world" money and future generations. Interesting concept that would flip the the financial industry on its back. Right now we do pay for games, with real money, but kids cannot earn money. This allows them to do it. Much like youtube allows people to earn money from views and ads.

  2. So people are willing to pay for something useless, fantasy. Dont get me wrong Cryptocurrencies are understandable but building some fantasy Lala land sound and is totally absurd. Why live in a fake reality when you can enjoy the real one

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