Designing for virtual reality and the impact on education | Alex Faaborg | TEDxCincinnati

Alex Faaborg shares how Virtual Reality introduces unique challenges for interface design, and opens up incredible opportunities for the future of art, journalism, …


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  1. hi! is there someone who can give me a tip how I can start with virtual reality work? I am a ´classical´ engineer, electricity and power systems, but I would like to get on the virtual reality train… Thanks

  2. Who wants to live forever by artificial intelligence? Man has truly made his own god now. The anti-christ will soon be revealed. This brings a false reality. The matrix. Beware~

  3. As a kid, I couldn't stand school. The disinterest and the boredom; the coercive atmosphere made me only think of one thing which was: to devise ways of being absent as often as I could. All we had was chalkboard and paper books, and rare occasions where we used apple 2 computers.
    I think VR would've made school a lot more bearable.

  4. Virtual reality has been proven time and time to increase student engagement, allow laboratory research formerly banned, and challenges the outdated model of education with lectures & tests.

  5. Great stuff. As a VR designer in this brand new space, it's great to hear about potential uses and about best practices while developing applications.

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