Lifetime iPhone user switches to Google Pixel 3… My thoughts

Google sent me the new Pixel 3, so I switched from my iPhone Xs Max for a week. In this video I’ll be going over my thoughts after a week on Android on the new …


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  1. I want to add some observations about Privacy because I find it very interesting! In the video I noted how I got notifications about 'Superstore', and how I saw the news article about 'Veep' hours after watching an episode. What is very interesting is when I watched both shows it was in Chrome on Windows. I watched an entire season of 'Wrecked' This summer on Safari inmacOS Mojave and I never saw a peep about it on the Pixel. This is hardly conclusive evidence, but it's certainly very interesting from an observational standpoint.

  2. 10:08 "I really wish I could give permission before they would start tracking my data…"
    You can. Go to settings and select what you want to allow/disallow your phone to do.

  3. so topics appearing in your feed is creepy but you quietly filming and following deer while whispering to yourself is not? ok then

  4. comparing phones based on their price point ? It's obvious that google pixel gives you more bang for your buck. It's not a "budget" model like the xr is for apple. Pixel is a flagship en should be compared to the iphone xs, And no i'm not a android fanboy, I have an iphone 8

  5. Ok so you fancy having everything connected between your apple device and getting your notes easily but when it comes to google integrating all your data and showing you the new episode of a show you start watching without you having to waste time and search for it then you find it creepy? I call it good damn optimization and integration!!!…I don't get it man…I cannot count how many times I have wanted something that figures out what I like and shows me stuff of my interest without me having to look for that information! This is amazing that it can go back and know immediately so many things that you like instead of having to start from scratch and you having to educate your phone!! Do you really believe google gives a damn about what burger you like or not? NO they dont give a damn. They just offer you the feature in the phone so you can benefit from it…that's it…how many toilet paper you buy is NOT privacy…it is useless information for everybody except for you when you do grocery…this is why the phone helps you with that lol

  6. my first iPhone was the 6 Plus for about 4 years and then the 8 for about 7 months and now im deciding between the xr or pixel 3???!!!

  7. Yeah so you should've definitely compared the Pixel 3 to the XS, not the budget XR. The single camera on the P3 is in my opinion taking better shots than the dual cameras on the XS, with optical vs digital zoom being an exception. Here the XS has a slight edge with the dedicated 2nd camera. I also just tested night sight on my 2XL and it's astonishing what Google's doing with that software.
    As you also mentioned, the XR has a lower res, ips panel, which is another reason to not compare it with the P3. It's hard justifying the XS price point when you can get a P3 for 20% less. In Europe the situation is different with the P3 selling for 850€, while the XS is 1150€. Ridiculous difference.

  8. "I mean it has a great full HD screen, two front facing cameras, really a nice notch-less design, beats all the iPhones with its single lens camera, but I'm gonna compare it to the dated iPhone XR because it's just not priced $1000." – iSheep, iFucker. Plain and simple.

  9. Best phone ever is iphone SE
    i have 2 phones and the se is the best
    I like it so much i am planing to buy a new one to replace my phone 6s is having some battery problem

  10. Most of the privacy issues you mentioned seem odd. I've gotten notifications similar to what you said, but that was only after Google asked about my favorite TV shows/news sources/etc.
    Also, I liked this video, one of the few that doesn't come off as a fanboy defending their company in every way possible

  11. Omg, man… Why???? Google is so shitty company with no respect for their customers.
    You're literally bought a 1-years old device with "new" software features that was programmatically limited to the Pixel 3 model only.
    This shit is worse in all possible way then IPhone XR, including a price tag.

  12. You have done the right thing bro…i was also iPhone user for about a decade and what i noticed that Apple is now really running out of innovation and creativity and they are just dragging same technology, design and features (with minor changes) over several years. I also just bought Pixel 3 :)…Good luck!

  13. Great video, thanks. I’ve used both iOS and Android for years. iOS for the convenience (US/iMessage) with family, friends, and work, and Android for enjoyable tinkering.

  14. I switched to iOS from Android a couple of years ago. Although I like iOS a lot, one key Android feature I miss is the ability to have an incoming phone call not take up the entire screen and completely interrupt whatever I was doing – like watching a video. On Android, incoming calls show up like a banner at the top of the device. Videos keep playing and you can choose to either take or decline the call without missing a beat. iOS needs to update their outdated phone app to support this feature. It’s so simple, yet super convenient

  15. Google's tracking of its users location, browsing and search history are what make up their ecosystem. DUH! Is any of that information something that could harm you in anyway? If they get hacked perhaps it could… doubt it. But the user tracking makes some things incredibly useful and other things annoyances. It can ALL be controlled with your devices and you go have to agree to their terms when setting up a Google account and Google devices. Luke mentioned he didn't give permission to Google. I beg to differ… you simply did not read the information displayed to you when setting up that Pixel phone and Google account. Don't blame someone else when you don't take the time to read information that is given to you.

    My Pixel tells me the fastest route to take to work and back home each day. The route time estimates are almost always accurate within a minute or two. If I get annoyed at notifications or stories on my feed that I don't want, I can stop them easily. It does take time and a little effort but once you get it set to your liking, it's very useful to have the information you need at a glance or by asking your phone for it.

  16. Hi, great video and insight. Can you please confirm if when you receive a text message like on the iPhone it could show up on the lock screen, whether if the phone is locked or not and also if so can you do a quick reply right from the lock screen without having to go into the text message itself like on the iPhone thanks.

  17. I believe when you are signing the agreement for using their service there should be a statement that they would collect the data. I think both apple and google do that, I could be wrong but, I believe they can not release any of that data to anyone. And of course, they all have some kind of algorithm to give you those notifications. Because I'm a statistician, so no surprise there. One small fact, amazon get about 30% of their profit by having the suggestion algrithom. So imagine that, the power of big data era.

  18. It seems more you need to learn the features of the android more then they are missing. Regarding the invasion of the privacy, you forgot the fact that it is always on listening to you, same as amazon echo. The Pixel look more like a white I phone 3/s.deja vu or going back in time

  19. You being a iOS user I'm very impressed with your impartial and honest opinion. I'm a pixel user and it's very interesting hearing from the other side.

  20. As somebody who's considering switching from iPhones I really appreciate this video. This is the only smartphone that's really interested me so thanks for giving this perspective!

  21. Those who are concerned about Googles privacy policy, you can opt out of tracking during setup, and if you didn't opt out during setup you can still disable it. It's no different than Siri tracking you or IOS apps using your location. Google tracking is part of their machine learning. Any data that Google collects is encrypted.

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