Next Crypto Bull Run Will Exceed Your Wildest Expectations

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I have hand picked 5 top crypto news stories of the day, including stories on the size of the next bull run, a new crypto documentary, upgrades to the Monero network, a potential increase in centralisation of mining in China and the decentralised journalism platform Civil failing to reach its minimum fundraising target.

Table of Contents:
The Next Bull Run 1:06
Cryptopia Documentary 4:02
Monero Upgrades 5:14
Civil ICO Refund 7:26
US Tariffs On Mining 9:06
Charts Of The Day 11:16

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Why Fidelity Just Removed a ‘Huge Obstacle’ to Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Torsten Hoffman has a new movie coming out called Cryptopia

Monero to Become First Billion-Dollar Crypto to Implement ‘Bulletproofs’

Media Startup Civil to Issue Refunds as $8 Million Token Sale Fails

US Trade Tariffs Hit Chinese Miners

Trump’s Tariffs Hit Chinese Miners

Charts of the day


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  1. How you can't build a piece of open source software with an $8m budget is beyond me. BTW Binance has had PAX and TUSD pairs already. That doesn't mitigate wash trades and front running.

  2. the will be no next bull run, it has run its course and crypto is now dead. Its dropping in value so rapidly its just a matter of time before it becomes completely worthless!

  3. You're the best Chris, far out. Good knowledge and good insights, you are truly looking into the true side of things, no time wasted watching all your videos.

  4. I don't reallt like the idea of monero as it's too private. Easy for corporations to manipulate the crypto space with monero. Monero is good for criminals and governments. Bad for honest working class people

  5. Fidelity is a criminal corporation. They buy and sell human stock. Giving them an onramp is asking for it. Say 51% attack.. Let's not let temporary gain usurp overall worth. Keep a sharp judging scornful eye on Fidelity

  6. Yes, miner centralization in China is a big problem and I don’t think the effects Trumps’ tariffs have on the U.S. are at all by coincidence. He is 100% Puttins’ puppet. The best option for Bitcoin to level the playing ground in mining is to raise the block-size. That is the specific reason why their miners didn’t want it. Chinas’ great firewall along with their infrastructure has large latency affects. Latency and slow propagation are some of the killers of block-rewards. They need the block-size to remain small to continue their dominance. It always comes back to money.

  7. Thank you for keeping up this format, Chris! I'm just about to become a Patron, I'm so pleased.

    Which 5-10 projects do you think will best posture us for the upcoming bull run?

  8. Never noticed before, but the time stamps are great. You know you can do this on Apple Podcast app too – that would be really great 🙂

  9. If we're just using stable coins to trade guess what will happen to fiat? So it will need to be on parity otherwise people will flee to other crypto, whichever rises.

  10. Is there a link between "fedelity" and "hi fedelity" the VR EOS vc funded application? If so that would be huge, get ready to have a real life "ready player one" vr world powered by EOS.

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