Pobelter grades Team Liquid’s performance during worlds group stage | ESPN Esports

Team Liquid’s mid laner Eugene “Pobelter” Park grades his team’s performance during the #Worlds2018 group stage and breaks down what his team did right …


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  1. you can see the difference in mentality between C9/Europe and TL with these interviews. While C9 realized at week 1 that they needed to fight without fear for everything their opponents contested, no matter how scary their opponents were, and Europe seemingly was already aware of that before Worlds began (maybe not G2), TL started 1-2 and was like this is fine guys KT is a great team we would never beat them we knew we would loose (pobelter actually said this bullshit in a Travis interview), we just need to beat EDG and MAD next week and maybe we get out that´s all we need to do, sure EDG might actually be trying to win their games and beat KT but who cares lets not control our own fate, let´s just focus on beating EDG. Well that didn´t happen but hey good job everyone we did beat EDG in one game and got 2 free wins from that MAD team!!! Pretty good job over here guys nothing to be sad about over here, this is what we expected WHAT THE FUCK DUDE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WHY DID YOU EVEN BECOME A PRO PLAYER IF YOU HAVE 0 FUCKING MOTIVATION TO WIN THE MOST IMPORTANT TOURNAMENT its like they are not even trying I´m not saying that they dont practice or that they don't practice enough I know they do I just think their mental strength is shit. Is like they loose games and dont even try to improve or get instantly tilted or to avoid that say "its ok we are expected to loose c=) seriously holy shit you would think that after watching a team that they 3-0'd in the FINALS just a couple of months before Worlds GO THROUGH A GROUP WITH RNG, GEN. G AND VITALITY they would get more motivated to actually get good results but that doesn't look like the case cant wait till next year where their like "oh yea we choked guys" how many times are you going to say you that just to do it all over again in the other year! its like you know what the problem is and you just dont try to fix it! incredible! holy shit and it even looks worse from these TL interviews because it looks like they're not even recognizing that there is a problem this time. what the actual fuck

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