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  1. I guarantee if the game was a PS4 exclusive every reviewer would be giving it a 10/10 and raving about it honestly it feels like everyone has vendetta against the Xbox

  2. The game was way too overwhelming for the first act, and had so much talking and story telling that it turned me off from the beginning, the pace at which things are thrown at you makes things confusing.

  3. I really liked this game till the last level. Literally the last level of this game is like playing pigeon chess. I eventually beat it, but it really made me regret ever playing the dam game.

  4. The whole "PS4 vs Xbox" feud blows my mind. All the ps people are quick both to defend their games when they get bad reviews and to attack Xbox fans when the same happens to them ( and vice versa ). Quite sad really.

  5. this game was a weard one for me I couldnt stick to game, I stopped after 2 hours and never picked it up again while my brother still plays it 😛

  6. XBOX FAILS AGAIN.. Quantum Break a ZERO out of 10 for Being so Boring !!
    But don't worry xbox fan boys I'm sure Sea of Thieves will be a great game lol !!
    HAHAHa I laugh at your face sir for owning a xbox enjoy your Quantum Break lol..

  7. Most people said the game have the same ending but never realize that the choice you made will change the fate for some of the characters and change some gameplay situation and experience.

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