Ripple to Attend Swift AFP Conf – Liquid Live with XRP – Fidelity & TD Ameritrade Pressure SEC?

Swift APF 2018 –
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– Ryan Gaylor, Director of Corporate Payments at Ripple will attend the Swift AFP conference 2018, taking place 4-7 November in Chicago. Does this mean Ripple and Swift have a partnership? Ryan will participate in AFP Panel 2: Taking Advantage of New Technologies in Payments Strategy
– Liquid has gone live with XRP margin trading and lending
– Did the announcement of Fidelity and TD Ameritrade getting into crypto put pressure on the SEC?
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  1. IBM leadership in the financial industry
    IBM runs over 60% of the world’s transactional systems, 97% of the world’s largest banks are IBM clients, 90% of global credit card transactions are processed on IBM mainframes

  2. Ripple needs SWIFT's 11K Banking & Financial Institutions market while SWIFT needs Ripple's highly innovative Blockchain Platform. A match made in heaven? I think so, if they were to both partner together somehow, in a strategic manner, it would be HUGE for XRP.

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  4. I am going to just put this out there. Ripple is already working with Swift. So is any financial institution using a token for cross border payments. Swift's new GPI product gives the customer ability to use digital currency in payments. They could use XRP , XLM or whatever as long as it will support the process. Now does this mean Ripple and Swift will never partner up, no. Is it likely in the near future, doubtful. I see no benefit unless Swift wanted to use Ripplenet for some reason. I have a ton of XRP and while I am plenty in the green, obviously would benefit from a pump. Problem is I hate bad information especially when it is easily found.

  5. Tony, Baakt is an essential threat to the future of Ripple becoming an adopted world currency because what Baakt will attempt to do in the future is modify the current slow bitcoin network so its scalable and faster to transact. Im not talking about a fork of bitcoin either. If you havent read the Baakt website please do. My only concern is Baakt is run by very powerful people. It is something to be aware of. I would like to get your take on this.

  6. So hard not go to full tin foil these days.

    Someone puts an enigmatic message on a large xrp ledger transaction, referencing the fictional Laputa, from a book written by a guy named Swift ?

    Ripple Riddler, remember the 5th of November. The day before this panel discussion where Swift and Ripple appear together ?

    SwiftNet Instant launches late November, and boasts the ability to connect to ‘multiple Clearing and settlement mechanisms and third party/proprietary networks’ ?

    Swift’s own CEO talking about open connectivity between Swift GPI and ‘fintech services’ through the use of APIs ?

    Swift abandons its blockchain program, while at the same time it’s clear that blockchain will play a huge role in x border trade in the future ?

    I’m sure it’s all my imagination

  7. Oh Tony, first of all this is old news. Secondly, Ripple has attended this conference the last four years in a row. Thirdly, Ripple and SWIFT are not really competitors. SWIFT is a messaging system and then the actual transaction still has to be sourced. Most companies would actually use SWIFT and then use Ripple for their possible liquidity.

    Sorry bud, but this is just not a good video.

  8. Just for our XRP Community did you know we have a few exchanges in Canada where we can buy Crypto and XRP. The older ones are Coinsquare, Einstein and the latest are Coinfield and Coinsmart and the very latest is Bitvo. Bitvo has XRP/CDN pairs.

  9. The SEC decision is the valve to control the flow of progress. All the big players you are talking about Fidelity, Goldman, TD Ameritrade and list goes on. The landscape is being built for the big players to get all there ducks in a row. Once everybody is ready, got their liquidity and systems in place the SEC will turn the valve on and it's game on. I think price are being kept deliberately low for the big players to get their stake and then clear the track. I'm ready

  10. You should be a preacher! LOL and I mean that in a very good way, holdem hold hold hold, you could talk a desert dweller into holding their cup of sand VS trading it for a cup of water cuz it will someday turn the sand to gold dust. You stand by what you believe in and in a very kind way. very patient, Thank you.

  11. I don't think AFP is a SWIFT conference, SWIFT is a sponsor… "The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) is the professional society committed to advancing the success of its members and their organizations." It is weird that SWIFT would post on their website Ripple is a panelist with them and not just put on their website they are sponsoring and speaking at this conference etc but I'm not sure it's an indicator of a partnership.

  12. Something has been going on for some time. Ripple has never stated they are trying to distoy Swift, yes Ripple has been a disrupter, but they Ripple has demonstated that their goal has always been to improve remittances. Can't you guys get on board.

  13. I am equally excited, but this is AFP conference, not SWIFT's event. Both SWIFT and Ripple are speaking on the same panel still can be very positive

  14. Hi Tony l did see a stream a while ago that said they thought that swift was using ripple at the back end to speed up their transactions. Thanks for the update ???

  15. Swift has been working on their own Blockchain technology for the last 4 years. They have looked at what the competition has in digital tokenization space and I believe they have been running into snags. They need KYC, AML, inter -blockchain compatibility, speed, scalability etc and XRP offers all of these. If they use xCurrent thats good but if they use XRapid token holders will benefit immediately. The only caveat is lack of XRP liquidity in the markets.

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