The Try Guys Work The Room – Streamys 2018 The Try Guys hilariously toast a few creators present and introduce the Ladylike cast at the 8th Annual Streamy Awards! The 8th Annual …


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  1. I remember reading comments on jon cozarts streamy awards, that the crowds volume is toned down for the videos. So people saying that the crowd is dead, I think that the crowd was laughing, the editor just always turns their volume down.

  2. They tried to do something different from Jon's roast last year since the audience was fucking DEAD so they took the nice route, but guess what? It's not the hosts, it's the audience.

  3. I feeel this was really awkward and I wasn’t necessary for Eugene to show up in drag. He looks great but thE TRY GUYS were supposed to host this, not Ned Keith Zac and some lady.

  4. Jon Cozart was better, they tried to roast the creators but also to be nice aswell, it just didn't work, go with one, and i dont think they shouldve say that about Colleen, it would've been funnier and also nice if they said she can't be there because she is So Pregnant (like she says)

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