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  1. Did you all forget that gta 5 is and was the best selling piece of media entertainment ever? Anyone who loved that game and rockstar will surely be buying rdr2. I have black ops 4 the only difference for me is I got it from gamefly. Rdr2 will be purchased. The blackout mode is fun. But I've been wanting another great single player game since dark souls 3. This is it!

  2. I think call of duty will outsell red dead because almost everyone knows what call of duty is but not everyone knows about red dead. Although it is popular it isn’t very popular to casuals and isn’t as big as the gta series . I guarantee red dead redemption 2 will be better game anyways so who cares about sales

  3. we don't care how sell more, The real question how is the best game in 2018 Black ops not even top 10 best game this year but RD2 we all naw

  4. Why would you ever question Read Dead Redemption 2 ? Already confirmed GOTY. If you think anything is going to outsell it then you are delusional

  5. Nahh dude! As a big fan of both of the series and game companies (Treyarch and Rockstar Games), I really think and hope that Red Dead Redemption 2 takes over with it's huge map and free roam aspect! No hate on BO4 tho!

  6. 60 dollars for a multiplayer call of duty game with no campaign. Or red dead redemption 2 with over 60 hour campaign lol I'd rather spend money on rdr2 for sure

  7. I agree that comparing Red Dead 2 to Call of Duty is an insult to Red Dead. More effort and changes were made for Red Dead 2. Although,CoD has more numbers in their fanbase. Comparing CoD to Red Dead, is like comparing The Marvel Universe to The Godfather. Red Dead is a more matured game than CoD

  8. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the most detailed and longest campaign video game.
    Cod Bo4 Can go away.
    Fortnite: Will have probably a bit less players

  9. Gee a badass cowoy game that goes to the past ( something ya don't see in modern day gaming ) that is said to be the most detailed game ever made and a sequel to a masterpiece and also intruduces some detailed and revolutionary mechanics that fans of red dead have been hyped for or a recycled futuristic shooter we've seen every year since 2012 that refuses to listen to its fans and seemingly gets worse with everry sequel and is slowly dying out and manages to upset its fanbase a lil more with every release geee this sure is a tough one

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