Inmates Are Using VR For A Chance To Get Out Of Prison

Six Colorado inmates sentenced to decades in prison as teenagers in the ’80s and ’90s thought they would never get out. During their 20-plus years behind bars …


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  1. wonder how they reacted when they find out:
    – the kardashians are bigger than ever
    – Bruce jenner is now a woman
    – 9/11 + terrorism over the past decade
    – trump is president
    – a rapper came to the White House and is friends with trump
    – there’s a plan to travel to mars in the next decade
    – Stephen hawking died
    – all the other celebs that have randomly died

  2. Even though they all deserve their sentences for literally murdering another human being its still really sad knowing how much theyve missed of their lives

  3. I feel these men have good chances because they were so young when they got in trouble and have spent so long in jail but are still young enough to be able to have a life if they were able to get out. I know the crimes were horrible and it's so hard to overlook but I'd rather see these type of people get a second chance than someone else that's in and out of jail all the time not caring at all.

  4. Prison shouldn't be nice or fun. It's not a hotel stay. You committed a crime. Now you pay for it. It's no wonder no one learns to not want to go back. Who gaf if they've never help a smart phone. They are there to do time. Snail mail is all they should have. No TV, radio, pool table, swimming pool. Nothing extra! They have it better then most..

  5. When they take the set off still behind bars and for one dude he tryed to murder that women behind the check out and with that conflict where’s my shiv at

  6. One of them said 'is amazing how much of the world he missed'…

    What about the people they took their life?!?! How much of the world they have missed? How can we give the innocent victims a second chance?.

    I hope those animals will get the death penalty or life in cages like the animals they are.

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