CIS – Women in Crypto: Steve Wozniak. Satis Group. Blackmoon

CIS – Women in Crypto: Steve Wozniak. Satis Group. Blackmoon. crypto news, cryptocurrency news, bitcoin news, blockchain news
Crypto Invest Summit at its best in today’s episode of NakamotoJedi! Top crypto minds, heated discussions about blockchain and controversial topics –

But before CIS NakamotoJedi would like to tell you that BTC price has become less volatile than shares of Amazon, Netflix, and Nvidia. This is.according to CBOE Options Institute senior instructor Kevin Davitt. And when the institutional investors enter the crypto market, this will be a total boom. Brian Kelly predicts that to the moon will happen in the Q1 2019, do you believe him?

Maybe, the appearance of first bitcoin futures traded on Bakkt platform will contribute to this. And the first blockchain smartphone Exodus by HTC is already available for buying with btc and eth .

Meanwhile, our Crypto Jedi Stan hasn’t wasted his time at Crypto Invest Summit and got so many interesting interviews for you!

Do you want to know which blockchain technology startups Steve Wozniak is involved in?
Also listen what Alison Burger, Co-Founder Women of Crypto, thinks on the topic of gender in cryptocurrency industry. Emma Channing, CEO & General Counsel at Satis Group, gave her expert opinion on cryptocurrency market , and Anna Cox, Chief Compliance Officer Blackmoon, shared the secrets of a successful ICO.

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  1. i cant wait to the the second part of crypto invest summit and see more crypto stars here at Nakamotojedi. A big compliment to Stan, and thanks for the interviews he did. That’s very interesting)

  2. such a short answer by Emma Channing, it’s seems like she’s running somewhere. and her words about crypto exchange pumping was not so clear

  3. Amazing episode, dudes!!! I feel as if I visited this conference with you 😉 you’re one of the best crypto news channels on youtube, go on doing great job!!!

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