XRP And Crypto Investors – Tired Of Good News?

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XRP And Crypto Investors – Tired Of Good News? Xrapid is live and the price hasn’t gone anywhere. Why is Ripple XRP still weak? The crypto market is dangerous so be right now so be very careful and study.. The Alt coins like Tron TRX coin and XRP coin others are extremely weak this year.. The best thing to do right now is to learn how to read the chart today not tomorrow but today okay. Will Tron TRX And The Other Alts Survive this year 2018? Let’s wait and see!

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  1. in my opinion the dollar is dead been dead an since crypto has come out the want to kill it just a lil bit faster hyper inflation is coming Ben bear markets are the least of our worrys when it comes to traditional stock markets. looks like it may be best to find an income in crypto… what do you think an sorry i missed the program i had to go get that bag though

  2. hard to ask you a question "the game is to be sold not told" but i retired my old trading account spent everything on my porfolio im not sorry prob take me a few weeks to round up enough bread to hit the markets again my question. whats a good number Ben ? 2k is to low right?

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