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This is a CryptoCurrency project that really has my attention! I am truly watching this project to see what it can do!
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  1. Great information. Checkout the new ultimate crypto exchange… This is a new tokenized exchange. The UI looks like Binance. You receive a 70% discount on trading fees when paid in CPEX, the erc20 utility token. Max supply is 100 million. Cpex is just pennies now and should soar when they get listed on CMC soon. Look at their rewards page for their giveaways right now.

  2. Use case: If Bidooh partnered up with nucleus vision to use their "proprietary ion sensors" it could help them identify customers at these digital screens while also allowing them to instantly connect with shops/locations nearby

  3. I can see this becoming huge in the future in regards to nailing down key demographics for varying marketing practices. Having the ability to see the potential consumer and their reactions or interest level will be huge.

  4. The project is great and very ambitious. I just have dont know if body/facial recognition are so advanced already and the AI will be able to realize who is looking to each ad, specially the clothing brand the person is wearing. But if thats actually possible then this project is a game changer.

  5. crypto to the moon !! 🙂 I use linkkoin exchange website to buy crypto. You can buy fast with card and they give $5 in BTC extra at the moment just for registration.

  6. I can see Facebook all over this, or at least a major competitor to Facebook. The whole image capturing is a privacy issue, but hey, they are doing it at airports for “security” reasons, why not from billboards?

  7. Billboards as interruption marketing is great and cannot be avoided. … This will assist quickly communicating digitally of your brand's message, on the blockchain it makes it easier and price range will allow more to participate

  8. I can definitely see how this can help small business. Alot of them have trouble advancing technology wise as fast as bigger companies. This could end up being a good way to bridge the gap!

  9. Thanks for the vid, seems they've found a new angle – billboard advertising – don't think there are many others doing that kind of thing exactly

  10. Bidooh can really make a lot impact on advertising industry, they are smart, they see a big problem that is hard to be solve by current companies, what they want to do can only be achieve before only on smartphones since phones have all necessary data for KYC. Now they can do it on digitize billboard and par it with blockchain for fraudless data. If bidooh disrupt the industry, big players will sure to partner with them. And we are going to the moon! Lol!

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