The Most Insane Gaming Laptop

MSI GT75 (USA Link) – MSI GT75 (International) – Unboxing the MSI GT75 an absolute beast of a gaming laptop.


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  1. My….. Laptop is better than this………which is….. Acer Predator 21x
    1. 64GB RAM
    2. 4TB ROM
    3. GTX 1080 / 16GB RAM
    …. And all us same…… But this is having a upper hand due to…. i9 core……. I have i7………
    But my laptop is not easily affordable……..just search the price in Google!

  2. I have gt75 i7 gtx1080 120hz monitor not 4k version with no juice csgo is running at 30 fps – with juice 400fps maxed out. 4k editing in Premiere Pro fast and no proxy needed. The box is huge – tons of space inside, no overheating issues. Go for it!!!

  3. Better to build a $2000 PC and buy a decent $2000 laptop and then donate $500 to cahrity, instead of wasting your money on that thing. I get it has an i9, but c'mon you don't need an i9 to play call of duty thats ridiculous.

  4. MSI keeps ripping off Asus look. That laptop looks like a fat version of mine, a GL502VS.
    That brick is insane. I wished they'd talked a bit more about it.

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