NBC’s Shark Tank Invests in Crypto!! Elastos (ELA) Dumping?! Plus Coinbase and XRP?? [Bitcoin News]

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Yes! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about Bitcoin, Elastos, XRP, and Stratis. BIG THINGS ARE HAPPENING.

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Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Invests $100,000 in Bitcoin Investing App

Elastos (ELA) Prematurely Ends Lock-Up Program for ELA Crypto Coin; Blames Western Law Compliance Risks

Elastos (ELA) Prematurely Ends Lock-Up Program for ELA Crypto Coin; Blames Western Law Compliance Risks

CoinBase Given the Green Lights to Offer Custodial Services for XRP by New York DFS

CoinBase Given the Green Lights to Offer Custodial Services for XRP by New York DFS

DFS Also Approves Coinbase Trust to Offer Custody Services of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ether Classic, XRP and Litecoin

Stratis Target Business Adoption by Becoming Microsoft Partner

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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  1. I am noob. So if I buy altcoins which price is 0.01 for example with 10€, it's 1000 cents=1000 coins) and if somehow value goes up to 5000%, is it then 0.01€ x 5000% = 0.05€ and money what I made is 500€? (1000 x 0.05€)

  2. SiaCoin (SC) would be a pretty decent pick for the next bullrun or even for long term hold. They provide decentralized file stroage cheaper than most of the cloud service providers nowdays. It has great potential and hardly undervaluaed at the moment. But as always DYOR.

  3. Thinking to jump into ELA magic for the last couple of months but man its like a fire nice from far away but once u come closer u see it diff. Like the project and people but some much shit about them’ we now that chinese are poor to defend themselves and marketing is not what they do’ but no way l will buy before november

  4. BAT or XRP – either one or both getting added to Coinbase works for me – I have both. I'm just waiting for them to head upward and hope a listing there will help. Thanks for today's video! 🙂

  5. "Western" regulation is the operative word in regards to the ELA lockup curve ball. Let's not forget that CZ sold his home for bitcoin at the beginning of a bear market. Why, you ask? He knew the long game. Boom Baby! This adjustment means ELA will soon be available to all. Let's ride the wave.

  6. When I saw the Elastos price going down my first thought was the success that Substratum had this week by breaching the "China firewall" . They seemed to be using a software solution to achieve what Elastos achieves with it's hardware.

  7. What you you think about FFT FarmaTrust. Voted best ICO and at a really good prive still. I like the company but then with all the coins a second opinion is appreciated.

  8. Guys did you hear about that coin with Amazon and Oracle Partnership? That coin has literally a partnership with the biggest cloud providers in the world. The coin is called 0chain, no fake check out official Amazon (AWS) and Oracle website! 0chain is listed as official partner on Amazon and Oracle website! Also 0chain is the only Oracle partner from the crypto space in the world!

  9. Trading has been very lucrative, with the recent cryptocurrency boom a lot of traders has earned & still earning the perfect extra income. Don't be left out, Contact the only LEGIT crypto trader alive to guide you [Frankpeterhills@gmail.com] I followed his chart & secured me a $10k weekly income.

  10. I can't understand how ELA team can be speaking the truth. How is it that coins like NEXO are on exchanges serving Americans, and also pay dividends?

    I think it far more likely that they see the company is in trouble because of the Chinese government. Was it on this channel a few days ago there was something about the Chinese cracking down on crypto in some new way, something about blockchain companies based there having to divulge everything their customers do, including their real names and wallet addresses? I could imagine that wouldn't exactly be compatible with the "safe and reliable internet of the future." What kind of internet safety will be allowed by the ultra-intrusive, internet censoring, Chinese government?

    I would recommend people stay clear of that coin. No matter what the tech and team might indicate, you can't ignore the political context all this is happening in. I think that's a coin headed for zero. Only question is how many months.

    Love that Bundl app! I'll have to check and see if it is available for use yet. I've been trying so hard to get my family members into crypto, and I just can't get them to do it. Something as simple as getting on Coinbase/Uphold then setting up deposits they find intimidating. I think they are afraid of potential losses more than anything. This may be an easy entry point for a lot of people who may later go on to invest the way any of us following you would.

    Thanks so much for the heads up.

    Oh, and last thing in this super long comment, LOL, my company (before I retired) used to be a Microsoft ISV. We were actually ISV partners with a few companies. They definitely send quality leads IF you also bring enough business to them. The key is that it is a partnership, not a one way relationship. They don't advertise that fact, but it's definitely how it works. Still, fantastic progress that opens many new opportunities and important clout.

  11. HODL originally meant don't day trade Bitcoin, because it was easy to lose money day trading. Now people use it to say "never sell" which is the greatest misconception of all and also a strategy of many altcoins to get volume with the hype for their selfish interest. I bet you very few hodlers will ever make as much as $75,000 in just one week which I did trading with Mr. Trade Chief. His strategies and signals makes trading so easy you can become profitable from your first trade. You can reach him on ( WhatsApp +44 7482 877021 ) on how he could be of help to you

  12. Kevin knew about it since 2010. Bundil is stealing the idea from HODLIT. check them out. they are going through SEC compliant process. Bundil is not doing that. they will get burned

  13. Check out Hodlit. There's a YouTube channel where the host gets text messages from Hodlit's president and reads them live.

    Hodlit is going to have a phone app that rounds purchases to the nearest $1, or more, and buys crypto. They'll also be an internal and exchange. The president used to own banks and actually bought one. They'll offer people a savings and checking account; to include a debit and credit card linked to those accounts. Fully operational – worlds first crypto bank. Game changer.

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