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  1. Loss your wallet ALL your money gone. Im lossing faith in crypto. why? Honestly people think of every body trying to figure out cryto ITS SUCH A MESS. Its not happen for a long time.

  2. Stop with this idiot of Dick Algair…he is a clown and everyone knows it…keep associating your channel with that dumb ass and you will just make yourself as ridiculous as he is…EOS at $250 by September with remote BS viewing??????

  3. Hey Snipy, please have a look at the project „SophiaTX“. Swiss company intergrates SAP into blockchain with an open marketplace, where companys can share data in a trustless environment. Big partnerships like „General Electric“ and „Ernst & Young“ already archieved. Delegate proof of stake blockchain with almost instant transactions. $SPHTX is really undervalued, currently traded at 8 cents on Kucoin exchange. That is almost the ICO price. I really recommand to dig deeper into Sophia

    Anyway thanks for your content. I have been following you for a few years now and like your „big picture“ view of the world. Blockchain is takin over the old system. That is quiet obvious now ✌️

  4. The people who had their Bitcoin in Mt Gox must have thought it would be a hassle to figure out how to use a paper wallet or spend some money on a hardware wallet. Chances are slim that all the crypto exchanges will fail. However, chances are a few will.

  5. Major Ed Dames a well known remote viewer he has miss the target miserably. I wouldn’t put my faith in fortune tellers and remote viewers. Why can’t these folks pick the lottery. Hmmmm

  6. Joe, Video idea: I got a message on my Trezor "Another U2F device was used to register this application", and the Trezor wouldn't release my tokens to the exchange I was trying to put them on. It took 2 weeks of talking with Trezor on Reddit to get past that message. The final result was that I had to use my Trezor on a separate (fresh) computer. I used my laptop, and the message was gone!! I was told that Trezor sometimes conflicts with Ledger apps, and Trezor also "communicates" with DropBox & other apps. My reaction was "Really?? I was under the impression that a hard wallet is completely private". If it's "talking" to unrelated apps where you may have a U2F going on, and randomly picks it up, how do you find the app that interfered? What other app would use my Trezor to "try to register the Trezor application"? PLEASE talk about these hard wallets for dummies. I don't trust them. I use Exodus, but I do have a Trezor & and Nano S.

  7. I only use Bittrex to trade, but I seldom trade. (HODLer). However, I just checked my Bittrex account (after 6 months), and found $115 of ETH & BTC I had left there unknowingly. I sent it all to my Exodus. I recommend everyone check the exchanges they've used in the past in case they too, have accidentally left some cryptos there!

  8. The exchanges won't be going down, there is way to much institutional money in the markets already for that to happen. I'm not to worried about this and I don't really put much trust in the people that claim to be psychic, I think they meant psychotic.

  9. So many questions in the comments about storing coins. The SAFEST PLACE TO STORE YOUR COINS is in a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S. Paper wallets are also ok, as long as your computer's clean when you copy the seed words. If you can, have ready cash, water, and food good for 2 weeks to 3 months, just to be sure. Be safe, everyone!

  10. I noticed Huobi isn't allowing any withdraws of DGB. I'm suppose to wait for an announcement from Huobi. Anyone else having this problem?

  11. Doesn't binance insure your crypto from theft? It's the only exchange I keep my cryptos in… I hate the fees and that's why I rather keep it there.

  12. Just some questions: What happens If the card wallet dies ? Just check into it to see what happens. Can another phone pick up the card Bluetooth and be swiped like some card readers out there? Will it bend and break in the back pocket?

  13. Even if you have your crypto on a hard wallet at home, the crypto would be non liquid. Meaning you can't sell them to anybody, because there is nowhere to sell them. For the exception of a small few like btc, ethereum, and maybe ltc. Alot of us own crypto like veritasuem, where you can only buy and sell on one or 2 exchanges. So if those exchanges go down, you are SOL. Something to think about. When things start looking sketchy, it might be wise to throw everything on btc. At least btc is liquid everywhere, including otc.

  14. What ever happened to crypto dragon? He completely disappeared off the earth! No activety on his channel since june i think? I know he got the boom wrong. Its weird cause not1 person in the world seems to know when crypto will boom. Not even the best psychics in the world? Its odd that no1 knows? I talked to a guy that got a reading from sharon michelle bout crypto and he told me she said it was supposed to of went up by now? He said he just keeps waiting. . . . So he told me he is worried now an What im saying is the truth people. Just keep hopeing and utsava is wrong bout a crappy 12 to 14 k bitcoin. I didn,t like how she did joe.

  15. Hah, I'm not paying for some dork's magic 8 ball. I'm a spiritual guy (for a diesel mechanic) and I can even see the first aura around people (when I look for it) but I don't need spiritual methods to see such obvious trends. I have a good educated guess as to where Bitcoin is going so I continue my frugal lifestyle (after tax income from my mechanic job is 4,450, spending 1,400, surplus is usually around 3,000 a month), and I buy 1,000 US dollars worth of bitcoin every payday (2k every month). When I get a full bitcoin in my phone (happens every 3 months or so) I take a trip to the bank, plug Mycelium into the Trezor, dump it in and lock it back in the bank box. Before anyone blathers on about bank boxes being opened during a bank bail-in, I use the trezor hidden seed word method so STFU. I also have a couple BTC stored under the pin as a decoy just in case the bail-ins happen, and I add a bit more to that wallet every month to make it look lived in.

    There is a giant mountain of money that's about to hit the crypto space, as Wall street gets connected to Bitcoin. Those giant institutions will mostly be dumping money into bitcoin so it's my opinion that during 2019 Bitcoin is going to pull ahead of the alts again, possibly going back to 80% domination again due to all that money. These connections are being made just in time. Wall street is already feeling some pain and once people have the option of moving into crypto for safety, that's going to cause an explosive increase in the bitcoin price as they move some of their net worth into bitcoin.

    And once bitcoins reach my magic number I'm not cashing out. Sure it will skyrocket then crash and I could cash out at the next pump (maybe 80k) and pay a ton of income tax but that's not why I got into bitcoin. I got into bitcoin to escape their system, not pump more money into it. So I'll simply start drawing my monthly income from Bitcoin. And with my frugal lifestyle I can easily keep it under 38,600 a year, and if I do that, I'll be below the minimum level for long term capital gains taxes. That means I will pay zero income tax.

    Once I retire I plan to live the mobile lifestyle, living in a camper that I'll carry with my pickup, and become a wandering mechanic for Permaculture communities and small organic farms. Rather than trying to do stealth camping in the city, I'll just hang out on the farm. I'm the kind of guy that's very handy to have nearby so farmers will compete to get me to live on their farm. And if we have a serious economic collapse, it's always handy to be close to where food is grown. Farmers rarely go hungry.

  16. I'm working with a UK Psychic Medium on crypto predictions also on Patreon (Vibes And Visions). Happy to send you some stuff on email. We work quite differently. Clare has no prior knowledge of cryptos and doesn't want to know, not to be influenced. I send her logos/images without names and she tunes in. She's also been advised by her guides not to invest so that her visions are not tarnished by personal gain.
    Given that, it's pretty much in tune with all other predictions…

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