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In this video, Mattie talks about Bakkt futures and when it will begin! He also discusses the latest cryptocurrency regulation proposal as well as new blockchain-phone from HTC. This is a daily segment!
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Circle CEO: Global Cryptocurrency Rules Are Needed

Circle CEO: Global Cryptocurrency Rules Are Needed

Global rules on cryptocurrencies needed: Circle CEO

Bakkt Futures To Begin Trading In December

Bakkt Futures To Begin Trading In December

Bakkt By Bitcoin

Bakkt By Bitcoin

Bitcoin and Tasty Meat are Two Staples on the Menu for this Kenyan Crypto Pioneer

HTC Exodus 1: The Blockchain Smartphone For Bitcoin and Altcoins

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  2. People are getting excited when the institutional investors are coming. NEWS FLASH they've probably been here since 2011~2014. Remember that BTC was created to fuck these assholes banks and their corrupt system not for them to join the party. Why are you all so excited?

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  6. Yeah because we know how great things worked out last time futures launched. It opens the doors to manipulation. There’s no bull coming.

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