Oculus Quest | First Impressions from MatPat

Learn more about Oculus Quest: https://ocul.us/JR45fw Gaming guru MatPat gets early access to the Oculus Quest, the first all-in-one gaming system built for …


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  1. PSVR had diffusion layer to avoid SDE back in 2016 (Now finally Samsung with WMR Odyssey + at the end of 2018) and where was Oculus? Pimax announced almost 2 years ago PC VR based 200 fov (ok it is 150 fov optimum right now with a modular design, that sounds legit for the future), and started finally delivering those state of art VR hmds and where was Oculus? After 5 years they ended up firing everyone except Carmack, and promising us 95 FOV standalone headset with even more expensive prices than PSVR in a closed marketplace that we are not aware why this company (facebook) even exists? Think about it pls! They want to create the Matrix in their way of thinking.. But they will fail

  2. Having matpat demo it was genius from a company standpoint, because they can have someone try it out and do a video about it without actually saying anything. He didn't say anything in this video. "VR is great. VR makes you feel like you're in the game. With a mobile VR headset you have more freedom."

  3. Just 2 major things missing (deal breakers) :
    1) Abillity to connect it to a PC via cable for much better performance when the user wants it ETC.
    2) If they cant support PC tethering then at least be able to play better looking games, but as far as I know it is very limited on poly budget so it can barely play low poly games and that a bummer.
    because of these 2 reasons I skipped the Quest and I am intending to buy for now the Lenovo Explorer to pass my time with it up to CV2 release.

  4. Evolving quickly? Only a teenage nieve noob would say that haha.
    I was here watching it evolve for 30fkn years.
    Nintendo did it 25 years ago with virtua boy.
    It took 30 years for 2.0 oculus to happen.

  5. Three questions about the Quest
    – Can I use it in a field (and just run with it)
    – Does it work in the dark (silly question but I just want to make sure)
    – Is there going to be a feature where I can look through the cameras into my real play space?

  6. I literally cannot wait for this headset to come out!!! I have googled everything about it everyday for 4 days straight hoping for any new information! But matpats review is just what I needed!!

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