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  1. Talk all the shit you want ps4 has the best exclusives and they focus the games just for the console so you cant even tell you're only getting 45fps like on God of war, horizon zero dawn. And yes I have a $2000 pc

  2. I think its hilarious people think you have to be sitting upright uncomfortably at a computer desk playing on mouse and keyboard to play pc! Its sooooo wrong and such a bad misunderstanding! I lay on my couch playing my PC over my TV with a controller 90% of the time I play! At any resolution I want..or I can sit at my desk and play at 1440p 165hz on my monitor if I want.

  3. I would get a ps4 pro, but if I did, I would have no games for some time. I don't have a 4k tv, so it wouldn't make much of a difference. I'll probably get the slim instead because I could get a game as soon as I get the console. I mean, I bought the Switch, I had fun, and I did not care about graphics. I personally just want to play games.

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