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  1. This phone is ridiculous. This screen is realistically just one of those ‘3D display’ LG and HTC phones screen repurposed for 2018. They were horrible then and they’re horrible now, I’m supposed MKBHD out of all of the reviewers on YouTube didn’t mention that. I always thought of MKBHD as one of the more educated cell phone reviewers on YouTube, but this one fact alone kind of killed that image of MKBHD for me.

  2. LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D had pretty much these same things way back in 2012…. They both were great phones for that time… I had loved the concept of being able to shoot your own 3D content on them

  3. I could've been so much better with a good color accurate 4k Screen and totally without any of that holographic stuff. But the Design is awesome. That Hull with OnePlus 5 Hardware and Price? That would sell sooo much!

  4. "holographic display" = parallax shifting. Amazon's Fire Phone beat them to the punch by 4 years and was like $1000 cheaper. Skip!

  5. I think RED wanted to discontinue this phone once the prototype was announced. It was only because of you with all the hype last year they came up with the phone with an lot of incompetency ??

  6. But anyway here's the deal if I'm not looking at the Apple version of a Red Fang next year you can Kiss It Goodbye red if not red will be blue in the face and at least the phone business for Red will be done and over with

  7. Quite a different themed video, really liked the darker colors and the unusual topic too with such a strange mobile at hand. Also, that 3D effect looked pretty cool on video, must look even trippier in person. Plus that Joe Rogan bonus clip was just hilarious ???

  8. See….. this is why….like the module are the only real interesting thing. But my next year this phone hardware will be 2 generation behind and possibly not able to run the module they create. Plus a year of Android battery degradation will be on the books. Plus the screen will need to be much better. Throw out the HTC 3d screen and go for Speed a la Razer, and color accuracy. You're RED. Act like it.

  9. They should have done an Asus ROG phone route and release the peripherals at the same time as the phone. Right now they feel like empty promises and when they eventually release, people will forget about the device. Yea the ROG phone set might feel like gimmicks, but at least they made an impact and show people the potential of the lineup and thus get people excited for the future of the brand

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