NEO FUD? Nope! Busting the rumors-THE TRUTH! $NEO Best Crypto 2019

Today Chico Crypto is a FUD buster, for a project who stole the show last year, rising from cents from the time of the mainnet launch in September of 2016, to nearly 200 dollars per coin in January of this year. That project is the NEO Smart Economy.

A twitter, researcher who goes by the name @proofofresearch or CryptoMedication put out an article called $NEO: The Great Heist (any Analytical Research Case Study) Pt. 1. Their goal with the article is to show that NEO isn’t telling us the whole truth.

CryptoMedication– Twitter
Article –

Well, we busted that article apart, showing how much research the author actually did. Tune in to see why this was just a poorly written smear campaign put against NEO!

—NEO Smart Contract Article by Da Honfei and Erik Zhang–

Reconstructing Smart Contracts Part I. The Ghost of Undeterminism Erik Zhang, Da Hongfei

Reconstructing Smart Contracts, Part II: Parallel Universes and Unlimited Scalability

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  1. Looking at the background, not sure if that's South FL. But if so, try MIA brewing's Tourist Trappe (Belgium Style Tripel Ale). Love the funky too haha. Thanks for the content. Cheers!

  2. Do you talk like that because you have been punched in the face too many times? You are such a douchebag I dont mind taking two minutes to tell you what a loser you are.

  3. As chaotic as things are, this is great Video buddy. It is better than an acadamy award winning thriller.I agree BTC has hit bottom and XRP, XLM, ADA, EOS will lead the bull market, Knowing that the crypto market is manipulating and full of speculations, I believe BTC will become supreme as always, we should just keep on holding, as for XRP it will not sky rocket as everyone thinks, this is pure facts, but It will gradually lead between, but since ETH has gone back to second place in the crypto market cap, that shows more hope on all this digital currencies, nevertheless, I still day trade following the best strategist and analyst, Mr. Adams Hudson, member of financial crypto market, He showed me how to utilize my coins I’m holding to make extra profits, I invested just 10K from what I’m holding and I made 75K good cash in just a day, It was mind blowing because I have never had this type of strategies and signals for trading before and Adam made it possible for me, now as I hodl my precious coins, I side by side make day trading profits. Big thanks to Mr Adams, you can also get help and best strategy from him, just send him request via his Email {} .

  4. Hey bro can you do some commentating on Gochain? I'm not sure if you have heard of it or not but Id love to hear your take on it. Thanks again for the great video!

  5. I'm still a big NEO fan. But, the NEO blockchain fell apart recently for a day or so. It is a great price, no doubt. However, I sold everything for XRP for the $100+ ATH coming by 2019 😉

  6. Stopped following that cryptomedication guy. He is fake news on many things. And most of the time spreading fud instead providing proper articles and info.

  7. Thanks Chico, For CLEARING that up seems like people are Fudding NEO for a reason, there is a pattern, Neo,Ela ,Ont but someones trying to break them up Hmmmmm why? Should always be the question!

  8. good on you for sticking up for good projects like NEO and bringing truth to co-ordinated FUD attempts, channel subscribed. NEO is one of a few platforms that will still be going strong in the future while most shitcoins die.

  9. CARVERTICAL doing a 50 mill airdrop, at least there doing some promotion now,working product ,generating revenue, might be a gem down the road:)

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