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  1. Why do they keep hiding the fact that this is a PS3 game?? lol They want us to buy a ps 4 so bad . I'm buying this for PS3 it looks exactly the same

  2. Out of the 120 hours it takes to beat this game, about 80+ hrs of your life, are spent just reading text and pressing x..
    Battle system is elementary, at best. All you do is guess(or Google) the enemy's weakness.. Then it's a joke.

    Its a great game at times. But it's very overrated.. I found myself passing out a lot during the many endless redundant conversations..

    A 40 hr slog edit would do wonders for this game.

  3. I just finished this game, even though it has already been released for over a year. I just never heard of it before. On first sight, it didn't have my interest even after playing a couple of hours.
    Was I glad I didn't stop then. This game is just fantastic. The story, the characters, … . Everything. I just can't get this game out of my head. Persona 5 kicks The Last Of Us away from my number 1 spot. The only bad thing I can say about it is that it gave me a depressed feeling when i completed the game. It made my heart feel empty when it was over. It is simply said a masterpiece, but even this word can't describe the quality of this game.
    I don't think there will ever be another game which tops this one, but I hope I'm wrong.

  4. Brought this on EU store for just under £16 (originally like £45~) cause of a sale, only 20 hours in and having restless nights already trying to sleep but too excited to get back into the action

  5. 133 hours of total play time and my twitter proves it so yeah not a short game. maxed out two friendships, half of the side mission i ingored for my character build, i ignored most of the activities like fishing, buying lottery tickets, etc. Those 133 hours are mostly from just the story and mementos grinding so yeah this game needs to be replayed three times to see everything.

  6. No game should ever be a 10 out of 10 I don’t care how much of a fanboy someone is. Nothing in this world is perfect. Everything has faults and can be improved. This game is amazing and the best game I have played in years but nothing deserves a 10 out of 10

  7. I feel like this is biased I mean smt is better than persona how come it doesn'tget recognition also how come you only use the beginning of the game footage like you haven't evengotten past saes palace

  8. i can say persona 5 is the game boring if the year!!!!! id rather play mega neptune hyperdimension and disgae 5 that is lots of funnnnnnnn than this one…this game looks weird and boring wasted my time for 50 hours shoudnt buy this one really believw me

  9. Just got the platinum waited to platinum this because persona 4 was such a special experience to me so I wanted this to be my 50th platinum and I’m glad it was brilliant game loved every second

  10. To anyone reading this – SHULD I GIVE THIS GAME ANOTHER TRY? I sold it after 20 hours of gameplay cause it got a little too repetitive 🙂 Thanks in advance

  11. only reason I wouldn't give it a perfect is because the story got a bit stagnant at times and the characters weren't always fun, but still hands down my favorite game of the year and maybe even my favorite since the first Xenoblade

  12. I love Persona 5 actually bought on last week of my birthday month and I couldn't be more proud got the best JRPG this year with Nier in last. Now if only I had Nioh and Gravity Rush on my fav list.

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