The Crazy Truth About The Future Of Crypto..

The Crazy Truth About The Future Of Crypto..

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? I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advice. I’m just a humble man with a great passion for all things block-chain, even tangle and block-lattice.

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  1. what about the millions of coinbase wallets etc. that offsets the multiple wallets per individual because exchanges can be one wallet for many many people.

  2. Adoption of crypto happening quicker than u think funny-man ?. The holders of the top BTC wallets are trying to slow it down through manipulation every so often. I’d focus on adoption in industrialized nations

  3. I like the idea of Bidooh, but if it is 1 token for a 10 second slot, the earnings initially if a screen ran 24 hours a day would be $3.60usd. Base off the cost of getting it setup initially (which im sure is not cheap) the payback period is going to be a loooooooong time. Does anyone here have any perspective on this and how the token would exponentially increase in value? Plus people watching the advert are earning tokens which also decreases value of the token. I am a bit confused on how this can be profitable for an investor, any help or explanation on this by anyone here would be appreciated.

  4. I like that you're updating more frequently, but I generally tune out when you handoff someone else. I respect that you want to monetize your stream, as this is a job, but a big part of why I like your vids is your delivery. You could talk about toast and make it really funny toast.

  5. OK, how many people actually turn there head when walking past a billboard? And take the time to stand still, be recognized and then targeted? No one? What a crapy idea.

  6. Your the only youtuber that genuinely frustrates me. The crap ones I delete and the ones with good content I keep subscribed to. Your videos have great content ruined by crap, like why do we want a stupid beeping noise repeatedly played in the middle of it. Think content, content, content and drop the gimmicks. Leave that to the ones without good content.

  7. I think of btc as a kind of petrified doggy dodo that the core devs are trying to polish, and I know but never say never, anyway rock you say perhaps meet me in the middle, Satoshi's kidney stone.

  8. I think it's quite revealing that bidooh doesn't even mention blockchain in their presentation video… in other terms, they have nothing to do in this space!

  9. Hello. What do you think, will BTC(or any other cryptocurrency for that matter) rise again by beggining of 2019? What are you predictions and guesses?

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