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  1. I have a few bucks but not rich. If i were rich i would buy it. Since i am not there are too many other things i need to spend that type of money on. I do agree for training a race car driver it is the cheaper route. My 11yr old son does gokarting racing and a season is very expensive. If i had loose funds i would buy it for him to help him with his driving.

  2. 35k pounds is an absolute joke of a price.
    These one can get a 3 actuator rig similar to this for 5k and does exactly the same thing.
    who buys these units.

  3. My rig is better 🙂 Got a Lenze as well btw. However the rig does look cool…but it's not very practical. There are different opinions about VR as well…not good enough for me yet.

  4. You could get Nissan 370Z NISMO and practice real driving and racing experience , also there's bunch of other cars around that price tag such as BMW 520 M Sport , ford mustang v8 , Mercedes GLC or even Rang Rover discovery sport

  5. Driving this thing requires the exactly same skillset as driving a real race car. And there are quite a few sims out there that provide you with realistic physics, handling and feedback. While driving a simulator you are basically doing the same thing that a race driver does in a race or practice session (if we assume that you are good at it, of course). So to all of the people saying this is stupid and pointless because you can't get hurt or die or whatever: the risk of chrashing and getting injured isn't what makes racing fun. Trying to operate a vehicle in a way that takes it to the limits of how fast it can go – that is what it is about. That is the point of the whole motorsport. I would love to be able to get into a real race car and get out on track (I only race go karts occasionally). But until I get or create an opportunity for that to happen, you bet your ass I will be enjoying simracing, because it is actually a lot closer to the real thing than some of you might think.

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