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  1. could you imagine a doctor doing an open heart surgery on you with vr across the world and the internet slows and there is like a 10000 ms ping rip

  2. wow i see 2020 having the people with money replacing their body with a robot that they can control with vr this world is going to shit

  3. Well we can use VR for educating subjects like science to the student by taking them close enough to a big atom ball in VR so they can understand the structure of atom's and different bacteria easily , And we can get 360 video's of other planets and stars in out solar system which will also be really helpful to student's .

  4. i think simulation rooms still will work better as we already have them
    meetings maybe, social uses yeah but not really for human interaction as the thing of him or her being there physically is a big part of human interaction but a possible add on or replacement for skype maybe
    for one of the comments i just saw porn for lonely people or for people who do not want to go out and get a irl woman it can do a better job than a video or a set of videos as VR can put you into that place with them and if designed correctly it can also make you feel it too of course with extra add ons for it

  5. Surgeon simulator IRL! Real surgeons get to operate on patients across the world, especially if there are a select few who can do said surgery.

  6. This is kind of similar to the training aspect you discussed, but the ability to examine models in VR for things such as medical research or engineering.

  7. Aside from some potential scientific application, i can only assume that VR will fail miserably same as 3D. Truth of the matter is, majority of people simply don't care, and don't have time to bother with that nonsense, so despite all marketing push, it will still fail, 3D was pushed also "few" years ago, and few decades ago…, it failed for simple reason that there is no demand, and any artificial demand will eventually stabilize itself, and product will fail.

  8. I picture getting on a city bus ten years from now and everyone will be wearing VR stuff. Each will be in their own worlds. instead of the annoying guy with load headphones, there will be the twit waving his arms fighting aliens.

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