Japanese ‘BitGirls’ Show Brings Blockchain Voting, Cryptocurrency to TV (The Cryptoverse #96)

A new cryptocurrency-inspired television show called BitGirls will air on Tokyo MX TV this fall. The Japanese show features an interactive blockchain voting platform and a girl group crowdsale.

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  1. OK, I had a look at the Bitgirls Youtube channel, latest videos don't have English subtitles, but from the start they do have scantly clad ladies in them.

  2. Honestly Chris, I have a less optimistic view of the human race. I doubt that the vast majority of people actually care about what Bitcoin and the block chain technology are and what they stand for. If we are to accelerate block chain technology adoption, the transaction times have to go up in the form of side chains or private chains (possibly pegged to Bitcoin). Are there other ways you can think of that would help ease cryptocurrency adoption?

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