The Response To – EOS Block Producers Freeze Accounts Video

Today I address a concern with regards to EOS governance and the way it’s been handled since launch. Check out the launch offer for my new course The Master Cryptocurrency Trader at:

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  1. EOS is an amazing blockchain and I think its important to share my concerns because as a community we can then mould EOS into the best blockchain. As a community, were far too quick to attack any opinion that isn't all positive. We've even got our own word for it which kinda proves my point. Sometimes a little fud is healthy from within a community. The people spreading lies and attacking EOS are not displaying fud because they clearly don't believe in the project anyway.

  2. Chris great video I've been listening to you for some time now I really respect your content. My gut tells me you are truly trying to help people within the crypto community. I have my EOS in my Exodus wallet. I'm wanting to move them out into the EOS blockchain but I do not know what wallet or blockchain is the best place to hold them. Thank you

  3. Hey Chris cool follow up. I had very robust discussion at Crypto Sydney Meetup last night on this topic with a Code is Law proponent
    I asked him if the BPs didn’t freeze the account an money ? was stolen, what would have been the fallout for EOS? Sure I’d say- “EOS is unsafe” and “BPs don’t do their job” so I think in this case it was the correct decision to do a reversible action. It’s a case of ddamned if you do and dammed if you don’t. Keep up the great videos
    Tai from GenerEOS Australia??

  4. WHAT!!!…. "if it's that bad, [why not] let it kill itself"? 'Allo… Bitconnect anyone? So why did everyone in crypto not take this approach with Bitconnect? I remember people saying that if that project went down it will give crypto a bad image and cause new investors to stay away. How is this different? How much money have people put into EOS, over $4 Billion? So all that talk about "crypto regulating itself" didn't mean anything did it? You guys need to be open to other peoples views.

  5. I'm very interested in EOS ( as a long-time C++ dev). I want to develop an app that runs on EOS. I don't even own EOS now. What is it that gets you banned.
    I just want to know what is it that I MUST NEVER DO,.
    Also a technical question…my C++ contract is +40K lines of C++ code, will that work or is it too big ? The 'executions paths' are small but the code base is big. Will this be acceptable on the EOS network to have a 'smart contract' that size ????? I had this question for a long time but don't know who to ask. Can you answer this or point me to someone that can. Thank you.

  6. Are there any concerns that a large portion of the bp's are using AWS and/or google cloud for their servers? Is anyone concerned that it may be difficult to vote out bp's that have enormous amounts of eos to counter-vote with? I have heard that they are 'earning' a 1000 eos a day while not actually investing in servers/infrastructure that is resistant to ddos attack. People also need to know that their voting power is degrading on a weekly basis if they are not voting at least once a week. I want to support Eos, I love the speed that it offers, and the amazing potential, but these things are concerning to me. Please let me know if I am not relaying accurate information.

  7. The problem with you Brits is that you're just too dry. Most of us aren't sharp enough to pick up such sophisticated drollery. Me, I love it. England was the only country I lived in where people actually laughed at my jokes.

  8. Your channel is one of the best out there. Thorough, objective and no pitch forks or lynch mobs. I can cope with one crappy title. I have to really because all the other channels are useless. You and Crypto blood are the only people I can bear to listen to.

  9. I don't agree with freezing the 7 accounts because the users themselves could have just as easily send the funds to another key. As a company I wouldn't like any bit the idea of anyone (aka my competitors) having the ability to freeze my account temporally just by declaring false ownership of my account. I think would be important to not have set this precedent.

  10. 😉 EOS Is an social, economical and technique experiment. If there are enough weak points it will fail – if it's underlying foundation is strong enough it will survive. Time will tell.

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