ICO Fever: How Crowdsales Are Taking Over Cryptocurrency (The Cryptoverse #113)

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse:
1. ICO Fever: How Crowdsales Are Taking Over Cryptocurrency

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[The Original Article on Bitcoin.com](https://news.bitcoin.com/crypto-landscape-filled-crowdsales/)
[List of highest funded crowdfunding projects](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_highest_funded_crowdfunding_projects)

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  1. umm dont we have like 5 or 6 cars we could drive?
    i like chevys easier to fix
    dodges have higher tourqe….
    and then Japanese cars are nice and quiet and gas sippers
    competition creates these innovative technologies and better ideas, solving problems and creating an ecosystem.
    its good guys.. more than 1 type of everything

  2. btw ethereum mist wallet is a dead end.. if eth don't fix it.. then ethereum is dead too ! that FACT ! why? because if people think that eth will be used, think again.
    it take 50hours to download the chain.. and its slow and broken. If eth believe that people are going to use a chain thats slow and takes 2 day to download.. then think agin.. Eth is dead if this is not fixed.. i know about myethwallet website.. But MIST MODE is the safest mode ! thats why mist mode need to be lighter or be fixed.

    Vitalik fix this or see your project be LOST for ever!
    No one will trust USA gov to create something like this..

    if eth is dead then i can promise you that ETC is going to take it all. and china will be the next big think

  3. i think that all the crowdsale are scamming people..why? people buy low and go in to poloniex and sell it.. that how people make money this days.. just sad ! they want to break the chain. I vote to NEVER have a crowdsale !! because people will loss money !! people buy cheap and sell expansive and thats how they make btc this days. I'm helping everyone now.. crowdsale = scam ! and btc ltc eth dash xmr are to be trusted.. the other CAN SCAM US! or lose our digital currency with some form of hack! Please trust me.. it says official on the .GOV website… if you buy in to a ponzi shcame, you can't do anything to them just lose money.. the idea is to make this unstable and then crash almost all altcoin.. thats the idea!

    i been doing this with altcoin sense 1 year and 4 month. Polo adding then removing…
    open your eyes guys.. so many of them are a scam coin.. will be a dead project

  4. I think your videos are really good … I like the professionalism of them and the information seems relevant and clear to understand … I watch heeps of videos on crypto currency etc and yours are far superior to any that are out there …. keep up the excellent work ?

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