Thoughts On Hedera Hashgraph Crowdsale

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse I would like to talk to you about Hedera Hashgraph in response to a request from a subscriber.
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  1. Hello Jackson, I listen to your talk just after the ending of the Hedera Crowd Sale. Your talk was very interesting! You manged to summarise some important aspects about the tech and how it’s governed … (also don’t forget: stability – no forking 🙂 We are doing some very interesting development work on Swirlds SDK which will come to fruition as Hashgraph does. I’ll keep you posted. Cheers

  2. Better alternative: Maidsafe. Their new PARSEC consensus algorithm is already better than Hashgraph and it's open source. The SAFE Network they are building rocks anyway. Good alternative for the small investors as it is under the radar still.

  3. Thank you Chris, Great content! I am a huge fan of the cryptoverse. I live in Texas and I first noticed the Hedera project in 2017. I think it has the potential to be huge. Having said that, I think some of the ICO's that are limiting themselves to accredited investors may have significant blow back from the crypto community. While I understand, ( I have a doctorate in law from the University of Houston) companies like Hedera are following the advice of legal counsel so that they may be SEC compliant out of fear, they are also underestimating the crypto community. Without a strong community, their technology will not achieve mainstream adoption. The power of a strong community is the breath of distributed ledger technology and it seems to be incredibly underestimated. A fine example of this is EOS which has an incredible community and yet so many people are so very angry that during the early part of the ICO the EOS token was unavailable to those of us in the US and China, etc. Many ICO projects are now limiting themselves to accredited investors only …. I see this as a huge mistake… that was the attraction to the ICO, otherwise it should be an IPO just like any other wall Street project. I read the comments from potential investors just like you do and we have already seen the crypto community abandon projects … just my short thoughts and observations on an issue that no one seems to be discussing and everyone seems to be underestimating.Cheers,Martha Davis

  4. This is a great summary. Just to clarify one point on the council. There will actually be 39 governing council members – one of which is Swirlds. The 19 discussed in the promotional video are the first 19 enterprises to express interest and have signed LOI's. Further, Hedera differentiates governance from consensus. The governing council will set strategic policy (e.g. fees, rewards, roadmap, compliance) for the network, and is orthogonal to runtime consensus. While the governing council members will initially run the first set of nodes, the network will eventually grow to allow 1000's of other entities to run nodes and receive rewards.

  5. Loved it Chris! Fair and balanced. On that last point about compromising between the Raspberry Pi-run network and a network that requires enterprise hardware to be a producer, I think this issue isn't being debated enough. The reality is networks that allow anyone to theoretically mine, end up being centralized by a handful of players… So open access leads to a centralized network, where in order to participate you need guess what? Enterprise grade hardware…
    Hedera are going a similar way with the council. Maybe they realized that by creating a council "by mandate", this would create the level of developer decentralization (Remember each council member votes and proposes for code upgrades) that no project has achieved so far? And I mean no project. Even Bitcoin relies on Bitcoin Core. No DLT project is decentralized from a development standpoint. Not a single one.

    One thing you can say about Hedera is it out of the box from every standpoint. The crowdsale terms are not particularly generous to insiders: At 12 cents per token, it has a valuation similar to Cardano (based on total token supply)… So it's not that you're getting in on the cheap.
    Patents, council members, going for companies rather than anonymous teams… These guys are doing it differently, and it may just get the adoption that thus far eludes most projects.

  6. My stepdaughter in Vietnam usually buys ICO's for the family, because I live in the land of the enslaved where our government only allows the rich to invest, the rest of us are free to play in the casino's that have sprung up in Nearly city in the USA in the last 3 decades but are not allowed to make an investment that might actually have a payoff, But Hashgraph doesn't allow for Vietnam in their KYC….

  7. Hi friend. Since you offered, would you be so kind to review SmartCash. I’ve been asking around but no one seems to care.
    The technology involved in the SmartCash project amazes me and I want to know how real is it.
    Thank you so much and stay blessed ?

  8. We are using centrally planned and produced products all the time. It is totally natural and nothing is wrong with it. Only in crypto it seems to be the holy grail that everything must be decentralized and governed by some democratic consensus. An industry-friendly product like hashgraph may bring more interesting products to the world at the end of the day. Because it works? We need yet to see this, but it looks like a design from people who know what they are doing.

  9. DAC can also be Decentralised Autonomous Company. If all these equity tokens that are coming have voting rights, then this will be the main use of the term DAC.

  10. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for that excellent and balanced exposition. It is appreciated that you may get flak from sections of the community so your podcast required courage: Bravo.
    At the time of writing, there are 1737 cryptos listed on CoinMarketCap. Darwin fella him say survival of the fittest – only the most fit for purpose (environment) will survive, some of which have yet to emerge.

  11. I really enjoyed that video. Please don't take offence, but it was also great to be able to just listen for a change rather than have to watch it as well. Top job Chris!

  12. Hi Chris, nice recap of Hedera. Having been in the crypto space for several years and having attended the Hedera launch in NYC last year. This project is legit. Patented technology, on the right side of existing law and big money. This stands out to me as one of the most interesting projects I have researched. The technology for instance has proven to scale at levels far above anything thought possible to date. If you have time, watch the live stream of the launch. At this early stage, the technology can, in real time can monitor all traffic lights, cameras ect in the state of California. Now take a step back. As this network grows can potentially do the same globally and handle 100X more transactions per second of Visa, mc,and amex together! And yes, early accredited investors will be compensated. Cheers!

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