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  1. "IF"…the African built phone, has the same specs as the Chinese built counterparts….

    8gb of ram
    18-40mp cameras
    3700 battey
    Rapid charge

    Then I'll buy it

  2. Very good. Let's hope it is totally black African owned and managed as well. Honestly, ALL phones should be manufactured in Africa seeing that the ESSENTIAL raw materials that make mobile phones FUNCTION comes from Africa. All other materials manufactured in places like China can be substituted with material that is also found in Africa. Africa doesn't need them! They need Africa!

  3. What a great news for we Africans and i thank the government of those countries for trying to help their citizens unlike the useless and hopeless government in Nigeria where a moron is their president.

  4. This is great,on the other hand we need to keep the land , sea ports and other infrastructure out of the hands of the Chinese and other none Africans. Africa for Africans at home and abroad

  5. Why do I have a feeling the Chinese are involved in this? They literally don't know what personal space is coz they are everywhere lol. Hopefully this is a black/African people ONLY project.

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