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  1. It's a testament to the perfection that is Tetris for it still to be a problem if the core game is affected at all, even so creatively. I'll buy this for VR.

  2. Why don't they make a 3d tetris that you can go through and around? A tetris/jenga where you have to coordinate and place blocks as above and from below? A tetris where an opponent can play side by side with the same blocks? How about a tetris/labyrinth where your blocks create a maze you have to navigate out of? Or a tetris in the shape of a cylinder that spins you like a surf pipe line and transports you from stage to stage? A tetris that does not use blocks but organic/virus-like forms that still have to connect and form one giant centipede that depending on how it conjoins, crawls away or enters a pupae state and then bursts into a moth? A tetris where your opponent throws the pieces at you but that you can throw back like ping pong? A tetris/Tron where you cycle your way across and pass your opponent while transforming into geometric shapes that you stack against him? From what I see here all these background graphics are a lot of fluff and not really part of the tetris experience. I love the oldskool game but this is too much like it just to tickle our nostalgic pickle when it could really have gone beyond and place you inside the stacking.

  3. Oh, I thought this was the Tetris movie what has been rumoured for quite a while. =/ Does it still have the Korobeiniki in the soundtrack ?

  4. I played the demo, and while I'm trash at the game (highest line I completed in marathon mode was somewhere in the 80s ), Tetris Effect still made me want to keep playing after even though I was never a huge fan.

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