Was Bitcoin Price Drop Insider Trading Goldman Sachs News?

On today’s episode of The Cryptoverse…
I’d pushed back the video I was working on to bring you this urgent report and clarify the situation with the Bitcoin price falling suddenly.
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My previous video on this topic:

The Business Insider article:

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  1. This is the kind of stuff that just makes me angry.
    "On Sunday, an unknown trader opened a 10,000 BTC short position, to the tune of $74 million. This move drastically increased the total Bitcoin market shorts to 32,000 BTC. Whether the said trader had insider knowledge of the coming price drop remains unknown."

    Who ever did that just stole all our money. Some rich whale that is so greedy he just has to have ALL the money even if we can't pay our bills and starve. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on him or who ever. First of all I think it's really Stupid to allow people to make money when something goes down in value. The people who cooked up that kettle of shit are just GREEDY people who want to gather more onto themselves. Plain and simple.

  2. Wall Street will figure out new ways, use old ways, and/or get their government cronies to regulate or deregulate as needed, to grab investors monies and make it their own(Goldman).
    This is one of few videos on YouTube that's sounds like he knows what he is talking about.
    Good work.

  3. Great research Chris, congratulations. I saw your initial video as well, and your prediction worked out so well. It just reinforces why I hate trading in general. Its very hard to trade against people who have deeper pockets, faster computers or who own some stake in the media! I think some vested banking interests will give Bitcoin a very rocky ride just to give it a bad name. The only technical analysis I use is buy low, sell high. Or another rule I use is, if I like the technology.. HODL, if I dont like the technology.. sell. By the way…I LIKE the technology!

  4. Free market decentralisation ???? LOL Crypto market is the most bad bargain market in economic history, very centralised by plateform as binance bitfinex and friends, banksters drive the market with computers !

  5. I for one am glad GS have dropped this crypto trading desk. 2019-2020 we'll see a slow 'soaking up' of bitcoin from many more ordinary people, especially from economies with dimishing currencies. This growth will be slow, but steady. During this time, crypto startups will flourish. This period of organic adoption will be followed by a new wave of institutional interest in the early 2020s.

  6. This is interesting take, I didn't think this Goldman Sachs rumor was important. We tend to find explanations in everything. Market was just weak, it was bouncing around 7300, i thought it could go to 7600 max and then drop hard. Someone with 100 mill would've definitely pulled it down. The Business Insider story seems kind of fishy though. Everyone was waiting for Wallstreet money , well looks like their traders are here milking the market. This article must have been additional hedge, but i cant believe that it's the cause.

  7. Great content Chris, thank you for the excellent conversation and coverage of these events, your contribution to the space is positive and intelligent, keep up the great work mate, ??

  8. The problem lies in the fact that there are so many whales in the games that can manipulate trading prices, whilst our networks are decentralised our wealth isn't. Pump and dumps will always happen in order for Whales to make more and more profit. Bulls and bears cannot compete. Holders get dumps, shorters get liquidation by price manipulation. Long term investing is the only viable option at the moment in my opinion.

  9. You are on fire! This was the best crypto video In a long time. When I saw your other vid yesterday I just had a feeling, that trader knew exactly what he was doing. And it turned out to be right…

  10. I think this is market manipulation. I can't believe that so many people sold their Bitcoin because of the Goldman Sachs news. It just doesn't make any sense.

  11. No. Government regulation is not needed. Once this happens you are practically handing ownership over what can and cannot be done on the blockchain to government, and everything government enforces is backed up by violence. By supporting regulation you are putting your brothers and sisters in harm's way. What you're using (I understand you support the free market option) the typical argument politicians use when they want to pass a law or expand the already expanding surveillance state e.g. "We need to expand TSA powers because terrorism!" and in this case "We need more government because bad people!".

    Let's not forget WHY the blockchain exists. It was designed because governments and central banks manipulated the currency to the point where the average person suffered day-to-day, this then gave birth to the innovative mind of Satoshi who created an immutable ledger, no third parties. The idea of handing the keys of authority over the blockchain to the very institutions that f*cked things up is beyond stupidity, it's insanity.

    There's a quote that a lot of freedom-minded people are forgetting and a lot of statists need to hear, and it goes something like this: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither library nor safety" — Benjamin Franklin

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